Kim Kardashian Wants This Many Kids

North West isn't going to be an only child forever, but don't expect Kim Kardashian to go the way of Kris Jenner when it comes to birthing a small army. Kanye West's better half stopped by Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Tuesday and revealed some news — Kim Kardashian plans to have more kids. As for how many, the star told Seacrest, "I don't think I can do more than three, tops." We understand, girl, you're only human.

We can imagine that she'd want a little peace and quiet after growing up with four other Kardashians and six Jenner kids. (And you know that Kanye's definitely not going to be all about a battalion of mini-me's wreaking havoc in their brand new house.) That's a lot of people to share attention and your toys with. Kardashian told Seacrest that even though she entertained the idea of having North be an only child, she had to acknowledge "all of the fun times I had [with siblings], so I might have to tough it out." Do it for North, Kim!

The only person who might want more Kimye babies than Kris Jenner — Mason Disick. Kardashian said on the show, "He was like, 'Can you make a boy? I need a friend to play with," and she was like, "Let me think about that!" How could you honestly say no to that adorable little face?

Even so, boy or girl, Kardashian's absolute limit is three children. And even though she loves her daughter and gushed that "she's the sweetest, happiest baby" she's ever seen — she thinks Kris Jenner is crazy and deserves a medal for giving birth six times.

So now that we know there will be more Kardashian-Wests to gush over in the future, the big question is — will Kanye and Kim stick to the geographic theme when naming them? We're thinking Meridian "Meri" West if it's a girl and Atlas West for a boy.