We Know Why You Love 'The Voice'

Was Monday night’s season 6 premiere of The Voice a flop? You better believe it was not. People were amped for the return of Carson Daly, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher. According to Nielsen numbers, the NBC singing competition show brought in 15.7 million viewers. NBC crushed the night!

What's all of this mean? Well, let us take a look at how the show has done in the past: The season 4 premiere brought in 13.6 million viewers and season 5's premiere had 15 million (5's finale came in at 13.8 million). Math ain't my strong suit, but the increase in season premiere viewers seems like a thing worth celebrating. Hot dog!

As awesome as that news is, the show did experience a decline in the 18-49 demographic: The seas 5 premiere had a 5.1 rating, whereas Monday night's ep had a 4.7 rating. But hey, let's "glass half full" this thing and high five about the huge number of overall viewers.

15.7 million is a great start for the program, and I hope it can keep that energy going. It'd be an impressive feat, especially because its peers (American Idol and The X Factor) haven’t been doing so hot. American Idol recently reached a milestone, but it wasn’t a good one: the reality show institution hit a series low. And The X Factor? Earlier this month, the series was dropped by the network after three seasons. Eesh.

What is it about The Voice that keeps audiences in the palm of its hand? Why do we adore this particular singing show so much?

Could it be season after season of fun coaches?

Could it be Carson Daly?

Could it be how genuinely invested the coaches are in the contestants?

Like, they really get into it.

Could it be all of the dancing?

So much dancing.

Can't get enough.

Never stop daaaaanciiiing!

Or could it be because of moments like this?

Or this?

Or maybe people watch because they look forward to laughing about more technical difficulties like this?

(Ugh, will never get sick of those robo chairs.)

Heck, I love the show because all of the above!

Keep doin' you, The Voice. Because it WORKS.

To put it simply:

And it is great.

Images: Trae Patton/NBC