Photos Of Celebrities Voting In The California Primary Show They're Excited To Get Their Political Voices Heard

Tuesday, June 7 isn't just any ordinary day, but an extremely important one. Voters in the Golden State can now let their political voices be heard when it comes to the 2016 presidential race. That's right, the polls are open in California for the 2016 election, and it's not only regular folks who are excited to cast their ballots — celebrities, too, are getting into the voting process. If you take a gander at social media, left and right there are photos of celebs voting in the California primary. The fact that they're taking the time to share the fact that they voted with their followers just goes to show you how excited and serious these stars are about letting their political voices be heard.

It's easy to take the right to vote for granted, but it's imperative we all register to cast our ballots and make our thoughts on elections known. The 2016 presidential election is a major deal, and as the below images show, plenty of A-list stars — particularly women, which is especially awesome to see — are unafraid to express their enthusiasm about getting to vote. Check out just a few of the celebs who couldn't be happier to take part in the California voting process.

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Perfect sticker placement.

Drew Barrymore


Troian Bellisario


Melissa McCarthyWhat she said.

Lisa Rinna


Sarah Drew

A great message.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Curtis made her opinions known.

Bellamy Young

Scandal's First Lady gets involved in real politics, too.

It's great to see so many celebs making their voices clear by rocking the vote.