John Legend Totally Gets What Donald Trump Is Doing Right About Now

Civil rights advocate and musician John Legend is likely watching the presumptive Republican nominee give what may go down as one of the least articulate of his speeches yet with the same feeling of dread and foreboding as most of the country. Luckily, when times are tough, artists can help provide clarity and context to confounding events to their fans and to the public. Like John Legend says in the tweet below.

It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round, as they say, but with the potential of a Trump presidency looming nearer on the horizon, this isn't the first time that the artist and activist has called out the former reality TV show participant on social media. From retweeting news articles highlighting the allegations of improper conduct by Trump University to tweeting out his own headline corrections to august publications like The Washington Post ("Donald Trump's Bigoted Campaign Rhetoric Emboldens White Supremacists") Legend hasn't shied away from letting his followers know where he stands on Trump's candidacy.

When entertainers leverage their social capital to engage fans about politics, pretty much everyone ends up ahead. However, it is clear that for the vast majority of Americans, if Donald Trump ends up in the White House, we are probably not going to break even in the long run. Those just aren't odds that people like Legend, and others, are willing to play.

With the GOP convention coming up after a month off from the primary process, urgently countering Trump's moves becomes increasingly more important. The more of his fellow celebrities and fans that Legend can engage against Trump, the better.