What Is Lorelai's Job In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? The Dragonfly Inn Is Still Involved

Is it me, or has one key aspect of the upcoming Gilmore Girls Netflix revival just been left clean out of the discussion? There's been speculation galore on whether or not Lorelai will marry Luke, who Rory will end the series romantically paired with, and what's the deal with Rory not being a journalist (as the publicity stills from the upcoming series implied, with one showing Rory seemingly teaching a class at Chilton). But there's one aspect of everybody's favorite TV spirit animal that we haven't taken apart yet. What is Lorelai's job in the Gilmore Girls revival?

When we left Lorelai in Season 7, she was still happily running the Dragonfly Inn. But, throughout Season 5, there had been hints that Lorelai's star was on the rise. She was interviewed by a journalist about the Dragonfly Inn in Season 5 Episode 21, implying the inn wasn't just another cute stopover but was successful enough to be newsworthy. In Season 5 Episode 22, the Dragonfly Inn started doing so well that Lorelai's father felt it could benefit as a franchise and prodded a chain, the Durham Group, into courting Lorelai's professional attentions via gift basket and trying to buy it from Lorelai. The group also wanted to take Lorelai on as a consultant. She seemed incredibly flattered by their interest and excited by new opportunities: so why would we take it for granted that she'll still be doing exactly the same role as before, running the Dragonfly?

Back then, the only thing that stopped Lorelai from embracing a new role that required her to travel to visit the hotels she would be offering advice to was the one person keeping her rooted at home: Luke. The Luke thing was tricky: when she mentioned the travel the consultancy role might entail, he blurted out "But what about the kids?" before running away to fix something in a room in the inn in embarrassment. Yep, Luke already had a few beautiful bouncing mini Lorelais and Lukes crawling about in his head even before they had set a date for the wedding. Ultimately, it was due to Luke's discomfort with the prospect of Lorelai travelling that led to her turning the role down.

But, given how much history they will have accumulated if they've been together since the kiss in the last scene of Season 7, which takes place eight years before the revival, I can't help but suspect we'll be returning to a calmer, more anchored Luke/Lorelai relationship if the pair are together (which the publicity stills imply they are). So wouldn't it make sense if Lorelai were to take on more responsibility in her career now?

Regardless of whatever man she had on her arm, Lorelai has always had one clear true love: Stars Hollow. So honestly, I doubt she's based elsewhere. But based predominantly in Stars Hollow and taking business trips to offer her consultancy services to other inns in the area? That sounds like a realistic career trajectory for someone who will have accumulated two decades of experience in the hospitality industry and who has made a name for herself doing so.

So don't just look forward to those one-liners we've missed, or the first ever scene showing Luke and Lorelai as a drama-free, totally stable couple — get excited to find out what Stars Hollows' most dynamic female entrepreneur is doing with her career in 2016.

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