Bradley Cooper is Obsessed with America

Bradley Cooper is, like, really patriotic. Don't believe me? Just look at his movie roles of late. Coming off the Oscar-nominated American Hustle, Cooper is starring in American Blood, another "American" movie. And let me tell you, just about the only thing different about the two films is the 2nd word in the title. American Hustle was about an FBI agent who goes undercover to perform a sting. American Blood is about a New York police officer who goes undercover to expose the mob. The general plot of both movies is so similar it's a wonder Cooper thinks he won't get bored performing back-back roles.

Cooper has not only signed on to star in American Blood, but believes in the project to the extent that he's producing the crime film under his 22nd & Indiana Pictures production label. But American Blood isn't the only film his production company has taken on. And the other film it's producing has, you guessed it, a patriotic theme. American Sniper, based on the memoir written by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, will be directed by Steven Spielberg and will also star Cooper as the army sharp-shooter. Add to that Red Blooded American, not to be confused with American Blood (don't worry, we're also super confused at this point) which is a movie about Lance Armstrong that Cooper has also signed on for.

I'm starting to think that perhaps Cooper thinks these are all the same movie so he keeps signing contracts seeing the word "American" and assuming it's all for one project when he's actually signing up for four different "American" titled films.

But these upcoming movies aren't the only American films Cooper has been in. In the 80s, early in his career, Cooper had a small role in Wet Hot American Summer. Later, in 2008 starred in Older than America, a film about the violence against Native Americans.

After Cooper completes his two new American films, he'll have six patriotic movies under his belt. Then there's really nothing left for him to do but steal Chris Evans' spot in Avengers 2 because if Cooper can't be Captain America, no one can.