There's No Going Back On 'The Originals'

Before the CW's The Originals broke for the Olympics, Rebekah and Klaus were being held captive by the witches and Elijah was saving Hayley from burning plantation houses. Dramatic stuff, huh? But it was nothing compared to the show's return on Tuesday night — Rebekah's big, bad secret is finally out and its implications are worse than anyone imagined.

The episode, "Long Way Back From Hell," spent a lot of time in Rebekah's 1919 memory bank while she relived her fateful decision to call Mikael to the French Quarter for Klaus to see at the mercy of Genevieve. First, let me just say that watching all of those influenza victims cough up blood was mildly to extremely disturbing at times. Truly scarring visuals.

But anyway, Rebekah wakes up at one of her old stomping grounds — a decrepit sanitarium that she worked at with Genevieve during the influenza epidemic in 1919. She's covered in werewolf bites so she's hallucinating like crazy, which is all part of Genevieve's plan. Apparently, way back when, Rebekah pretended to be her friend so she could ask Genevieve to do her an Marcel a favor — contact Mikael and bring him to New Orleans to kill Klaus so they could be free to love one another. Unfortunately for Genevieve, Rebekah got cold feet and begged her to reverse the spell. Too bad she couldn't because life doesn't work that way, Rebekah. Silly girl. Anyway, in a fit of frustration and attempting to keep the witch's mouth shut (Genevieve threatened to oust her to Klaus), Rebekah stuffs a bloody, influenza-infected rag into Genveive's mouth. She then compelled orderlies to leave Genevieve and her friend Clara (who happened to be Celeste inhabiting another witch's body) in quarantine until they died. Ruthless.

So now, in 2014, Genevieve is back and looking for revenge and how better to do it than to get Rebekah to confess after a hundred years. She removes Papa Tunde's knife from Klaus' chest, links him to Rebekah by having him drink her blood, and then guides him on this disappointing trip down memory lane. This was honestly kind of difficult to watch, considering how much we know about Klaus' trust issues. We see him go from denial, to hurt (he actually sheds a tear), to unbridled rage with the intention to stab Rebekah with Tunde's knife so she's forced to live in hell indefinitely. They are probably, most likely, never, ever getting back together and brother and sister — like, ever. There's no going back from finding out your sister told your murderous father where you were so he could kill you and she could selfishly live out her romantic dreams.

Rebekah stumbles around the sanitarium for most of the episode (Girl, no one's even chasing you) and is treated to a visit from Celeste who is just the most evil bitch of all bitches — I mean, witches. She gives Rebekah the same speech she gave Elijah about breaking down their "unbreakable" family bond. Which, she succeeded in breaking, by the way. GOD, YOU ARE SO DAMN SOUR, CELESTE.

Meanwhile, Elijah is running around the French Quarter with Marcel and Hayley trying to figure out how all of the names magically tattooed on his body are connected and how they lead to where Rebekah and Klaus are. They ultimately figure it out, with the help of Marcel – who reveals Rebekah and his secret to an incredibly pissed Elijah who's just like, "You two are so stupid. I'm not even going to deal with that right now." Elijah shows up at the sanitarium just in time to stop Klaus from killing Marcel and stabbing Rebekah with the cursed knife. Instead, he swipes the knife from Klaus and stabs him with it — WHAT, ELIJAH, WHY ARE YOU DIGGING YOUR HOLE DEEPER AND DEEPER — and tells Rebekah and Marcel to run as far as they can.

Elijah not only has to answer for Klaus getting abducted in the first place, but now he has to answer for Rebekah and Marcel getting away and for stabbing Klaus with Tunde's evil knife. You're too damn mature and supportive of keeping your family united for your own good, Elijah; Celeste might actually be onto something there.

While ALL of that is going down inside the walls of the creepiest place on The Originals ever — Hayley hits Celeste in the head with a blunt, metal object. BADASS WOLF MAMA IS IN THE HOUSE. She knocks Celeste to the ground and hits her again before telling her (not so sure if Celeste could actually hear) that they've got a lot to talk about regarding the Sun and the Moon curse and those damn Crescent wolves. Because, of course they do — Hayley's just not going to let this one go.

Everyone's going to have a lot of explaining to do next week, especially is Klaus catches up to Rebekah and Marcel and after he's done with whatever punishment Elijah deserves. But seriously, where the hell did Hayley come from with that weapon?

Image: The CW