We Asked New Yorkers To Describe Hillary Clinton In 1 Word In 2015 — Here's How Their Answers Differed Today

More than a year ago, two days before she announced her candidacy for president, I hit the streets of New York City to ask people relaxing in Union Square Park to describe Hillary Clinton in one word. Their answers, as you'll see below, varied. Some where enthusiastic, some were cynical, some were downright derogatory. Now, the day after she's declared victory in obtaining the Democratic presidential nomination over Bernie Sanders, I was curious to see if asking the same question of a random, small sample in the same area would be any different.

While of course going up to 20 people in such a diverse city is far from scientific polling, I can tell you anecdotally that I noticed a few different things the second time around. While people's responses were perhaps equally varied, I noticed far more cynicism and anger amongst the young women, particularly women of color, I approached. As you'll see below, several told me they would not be voting at all if Hillary is the nominee, and several people also refused to answer my question outright, seemingly out of disdain for the name "Hillary" as soon as it was uttered. Several white women I approached also weren't fans; one white woman with a little girl told me she felt negatively about Hillary, but didn't want to say so in front of her daughter. Her daughter asked "Can I answer the question?" as she was pulled away.

Older women, unsurprisingly, continued to be Hillary's strongest boosters. But my favorite people to talk to were the ones who definitely won't be voting this election: the kids. I came upon a truly awesome group of little boys who were all eager to share their opinions (with parental permission, of course), and who had lots of opinions about Donald Trump's plan to build a wall to keep out Mexicans — something I was honestly surprised they all knew so much about.

But before we get to today's answers, let's first take a look back at how people answered the question over a year ago.

How People Described Hillary In One Word On April 10, 2015

Johntest, 34

Jules, 18 & Manuel, 53

Rowan, 21

Jake, 20

Christine, 47

Sarah, 27

Angie, 48

Ben, 30

Saba, 36

Sara, 31

Mike, 24

Marcus, 18


Jessica, 18

Mike, 23

Marelle, 18 & Elise, 25

Jimmy, 27

Feebzz, 24

Sydney, 22

Kristin, 32 & Josh, 33

Polina, 20

Sara, 20

Jennifer, 40

Vana, 27 & Moe, 28

Jimmy, 27

How People Described Hillary In One Word On June 8, 2016

Lakya, 19

"I didn't vote in the primary, and I'm not voting, because none of the candidates represent me."

Shayna, 27

"I voted for Kasich in the primary. I'm undecided right now."

Torrie, 9

"I learned in school that women used to not be able to vote, so I think it's good there can be a woman president now."

4. Catherine, 70

"I was born the same day as Hillary. October 26, 1947. Pretty cool, right? I'm doing everything I can to mobilize the senior citizens in my apartment to get them to go vote for Hillary in November."

Jo-Lynn, 25

"Didn't vote in the primary. Registered Democrat, but currently still undecided."

Alessandra, 29

Lorenna, 22

"I didn't vote in the primary. If it it's between her and Trump, I would vote, but I would leave the ballot blank."

Rosa, 90

"When I was your age, the only opportunities for us as women opened up during WWII. I was in the engineering department. At the end of the war, they didn't dismiss us, but they put the men back in the best spots, and didn't promote us. I think it's great we live in a time with equal opportunity. I voted for Hillary in the primary, and I'll vote for her again. I want to live long enough to see a woman president."

Imani, 18

"I didn't vote in the primary. If it's Hillary vs. Donald, I wouldn't vote in November. It's the same outcome. What's the point?"

Soleil, 20

"I voted for Hillary in the primary and I'll vote for her again. I hope we have a cat again in the Oval Office now!"

Isaiah, 11

"Trump wants to build a wall to keep out the Mexicans. I like Hillary."

Devikah, 27

Sara, 19

"I didn't vote in the primary, but I'll vote for Hillary."

Jaqueline & Patricia, 67

"We voted for her in '08, and we'll vote for her again! We're from Europe — everyone there is laughing at us about Trump. They think it's a joke."

William, 34

"I voted for Sanders, but I'll vote for her if it's between her and Trump."

Frank, 70

"Didn't vote in the primary, but will vote for Hillary."

Jacob, 10

"I want Hillary to be president. Not Trump. He wants to keep the Mexicans out. Why does he want to do that?"

Images: Rachel Krantz/Bustle