'Supergirl' Season 2 Is Adding Lex Luthor's Sister & More New Characters For You To Love

The move from CBS to The CW is doing wonders for National City's tourism department. According to TV Line, Supergirl Season 2 is adding five new characters (at least), with two of them set to be regular castmembers sure to shake up Kara's world. The two major players coming to town are Lex Luthor's little sister Lena Luthor and Nick Farrow, the son of a famous reporter, who could either be a rival or love interest for Kara — or both. This news comes in addition to the recent reveal that Kara's famous cousin Superman will also be stopping by for a visit next season. Are you hyped for Season 2 yet? Because these new cast additions are only getting cooler from here.

The three recurring characters joining the gang are just as enticing as big names like Luthor and Superman. There is the new female scientist, The Doctor, who is the leader of Project Cadmus, a long time journalist named Snapper Carr, and Maggie a detective for the Science Police who is also an out and proud lesbian. While none of the new characters have been cast just yet, they offer even more reasons to celebrate Supergirl's commitment to representation, and creating amazing female heroes and potential villains.

Of course, they also offer major hints about what could be ahead for Kara in Season 2. Let's take a deeper look at each character and figure out what they reveal about the direction of the new season.

Lena Luthor

Lena's comic book history is messy to say the least. At different points she has been Lex Luthor's sister who had no idea her brother was alive, his daughter, and his sister who he used to control Superboy. I think it is safe to say Supergirl will offer a more consistent role for Lena. TV Line describes her as a woman looking to "get out of the shadow of her infamous brother," but she is also on a mission of her own.

There's no news yet on what this mission is exactly, but Lena appears to be positioned to be the best frenemy Kara could possibly have. She could be a villain, or an antihero, or something else entirely. Knowing Supergirl, Lena will not be at all what you expect.

Nick Farrow

Nick Farrow does not exist in the DC universe, but his character description screams secret superhero. He is the son of a famous reporter who wants to be his own man. However, he sounds like a major playboy who will find his inner hero thanks to Kara. Nick does not appear to match up with the descriptions of any of Kara's comic book loves, but do not be surprised if "Nick" turns out to be a major player in the DC universe before the end of the season.

The Doctor

As the head of Project Cadmus, The Doctor sounds like she could be a villain. She is implanting alien technology into people, after all. However, if she turns out to be Serling Roquette, who is the most amazing dresser in all of the DC universe, she could be less evil scientist and more quirky scientist. Serling once helped out Jimmy when he started experiencing spontaneous superpowers, so there is a possibility she and Nick could pull Jimmy and Kara in new directions in Season 2.

Snapper Carr

I am going to be straight with you here, the inclusion of Snapper Carr in Season 2 is a bit baffling. The character as described bares little resemblance to the finger-snapping, cool kid who used to hang out with the Justice League. Instead, this Snapper is a veteran reporter who wants to revamp the news section under Cat's directive to take a more old school approach to reporting. Maybe this is meta commentary on the show's part since Snapper was created to be "hip" in the '60s, and now he's the older guy keeping the younger crowd grounded.


Maggie Sawyer is a total badass, and will be busy working the new metahuman and alien threats beat for the Science Police. In the comics, she has long been a major player in the law enforcement arena and she is also one of the few lesbian characters in comics. She has a long term relationship with Batwoman, who sadly is unlikely to appear on Supergirl. Maggie is tough, awesome, and a character who is going to make a cool addition to the cast.

Supergirl Season 2 is shaping up to be a huge season full of more journalistic intrigue and some new threats that are sure to keep Kara's life interesting.

Image: CBS; Giphy