Big Questions 'PLL' Still Needs To Answer

by Kaitlin Reilly

Pretty Little Liars fans have an anniversary to celebrate. Pretty Little Liars premiered on ABC Family on June 8, 2010, which means that it has been six years since we saw the Liars get their first cryptic A text. A lot has changed in those six years, including the Liars' hairstyles, love interests, and even the name of the network. However, there's one thing that definitely hasn't changed in over six years and six seasons of the series: its ability to keep fans guessing. The series may have revealed the identity of two As, but that doesn't mean that we've gotten all of the answers we've been searching for. In fact, there are plenty of questions that Pretty Little Liars still hasn't answered, even in its six seasons of show.

Obviously, Pretty Little Liars wouldn't be a mystery show if it laid its cards out on the table right away, and the slow burn is exactly why fans tune into the show week after week. While we've gotten a proper resolution to many of the show's most puzzling mysteries, there's still some answers that fans are still in the dark about. Will Season 7 finally explain everything? Here's hoping that we get the answers to these burning questions soon:

1. What Was The N.A.T. Club Really Doing?

We know that the N.A.T. Club made home movies and that Alison was in many of them, but were these guys just freelance creepers, or was there an even more disturbing motive to their lurking? Was someone paying for their videos, or hiring them to make them in the first place? There's no way that this club just wanted to film girls changing.

2. What Was On The Video That Ian Desperately Wanted To Get Back?

The N.A.T. Club had to have filmed something pretty incriminating in order for Ian to attempt to murder his sister-in-law Spencer to get the video back.

3. Did Ali Really Push That Girl Down The Stairs At The Frat Party?

If so, that could confirm suspicions that Alison is, and always has been, a real sociopath. Hmm...

4. What Was Jenna Really Hiding About The Night Alison Went Missing?

We learned in Season 4 that Jenna may have thought that Garrett killed Alison, but if she truly knew she was alive the entire time, what else was she so afraid of?

5. Is Wren Involved In The A Game?

Was it really a coincidence that Wren showed up just as the A texts started happening? Could he have been watching Mona play the game with the Liars? Come on, these "Wren is shady" hints can't be for nothing.

6. Why Did Ian Think He Was Protecting Melissa By Killing Spencer?

Ian was willing to murder Spencer in the bell tower because he "loved" Melissa... but why would he think that she would want that? Did Ian know Melissa buried Bethany, or is there more to that story?

7. When Did The A Story Really Start?

We know that Mona was A, Charlotte was Big A, and that there's an Uber A out there — but when did Uber A start stalking the Liars? Was it after Charlotte died, or has this new villain been keeping tabs on the Liars for a lot longer than that? Only time will tell.

Here's hoping that these answers come in Season 7 and that the reveals are as jaw-dropping as we've come to expect on PLL.

Images: Freeform; Giphy