Lea Michele's New Series Is Surprising

by Kaitlin Reilly

Fans of Fox's Scream Queens know that Lea Michele can rock a neck brace just as well as she could a Celine Dion solo. Michele's dorky, death-obsessed sorority girl Hester may have been the show's ultimate villain, but at the end of the day, many fans are still pretty stoked for Hester to return to Scream Queens for round two of bloody mayhem. As for Michele, though, Scream Queens won't be the only series where you'll see the former Glee star's face: As TVLine reported on Wednesday, Michele has been cast in Dimension 404 , an upcoming Hulu anthology series about online dating. It's quite a different role in the sense that it requires her being covered in a lot less blood than her one on Scream Queens — but that's not the only difference between the parts.

According to TVLine, Dimension 404's first season will consist of standalone episodes about the "weird world of the web." Michele's episode will tackle online dating, a subject that pretty much every millennial has had some experience with. If you met your boo over OKCupid and hit it off over the very first latté, though — well, this episode won't exactly speak to your personal experience. Michele will play Amanda, who, according to TVLine, is very "type-A" and looking to get over a bad breakup via a new dude, whom she meets via matchmaking service. When she finally meets her match (iZombie's Robert Buckley) he screws up their date by pulling out the love card waaaay too soon. Hilarity, and plenty of awkwardness, will hopefully ensue.

Michele's character certainly sounds worlds away from Hester, who, as Scream Queens fans might remember, wasn't exactly the definition of calm and collected. Still, that doesn't mean that Michele isn't totally perfect for this role. Here's why she'll be great in Dimension 404:

1. She Knows How To Play Up The Romance

Romance may have not been Hester's thing on Scream Queens, but Michele has had super romantic arcs on Glee, and even romanced Ashton Kutcher's character in ensemble movie New Year's Eve.

2. She Nails Type-A

Let's face it, Rachel Berry was basically Election's Tracy Flick, if Tracy Flick could also sing.

3. She Has Great Comedic Timing

Hester may be weird, but she's hilariously weird.

4. She's A Total Chameleon

Glee to Sons Of Anarchy isn't exactly an easy jump, but Michele nailed her guest stint on the gritty drama.

5. She Nails A First Date Look

I'm really into her high ponytail and that chevron phone case, to be honest.

6. She's Used To Dating Cute Dudes On Screen

And her Dimension 404 co-star Buckley is super cute.

7. She Gives Great Cry Face

Michele's character goes through a messy breakup before meeting the L word dropping dude.

8. Really, She's A Master Of Emoting In General

Michele really needs her own emojis.

9. She Gives Great Romantic Speeches

Given the subject of her Dimension 404 episode, this is important.

10. She's Not Afraid To Get Crazy

There's definitely going to be some level to lunacy in this upcoming series.

11. She Can Make Us Like Even The Least "Likable" Of People

Glee's Rachel had plenty of traits that really grinded our gears, but Michele infused so much heart into the character that you ended up empathizing with the type-A perfectionist. It sounds like Michele's new character might have a bit of Rachel in her, so there's no reason why she shouldn't make us all identify even with the most intense of people once again.

I'm excited to see what you do next, Michele — keep on slaying.

Images: Giphy (3); watchingrachelrps/Tumblr