The One Piece You Need From Jen Atkin x Chloe and Isabel's New Collection — PHOTO

I'll admit it, I had no idea what a "bun cuff" was until I stumbled upon celebrity stylist Jen Atkin's new collection with Chloe + Isabel. The 13-piece collection is a mix of minamilstic metal pieces that are pretty much guaranteed to step up your summer hair game. There are chic pins, 90's-inspired barrettes, and cool-girl clips — but most importantly, there is the bun cuff.

As an until-24-hours-ago bun cuff virgin, I wasn't totally convinced that my top knot needed any more pizazz than what it was already working with on its own. Now that I've seen all of the amazing things it can do, though, I can't wait for mine to come in the mail in five to seven business days (yes, I ordered one, so you know I'm telling the truth when I say I really think it's a must have).

Bun Cuff in Rose Gold, $45, Chloe & Isabel

The cuff comes in six different colors: rose gold, gold, silver, hematite, shiny silver, shiny gold — so there's really something for everyone. Chloe + Isabel's mission, as a brand, is to create products that celebrate the power, diversity and beauty in every woman, and this piece is no exception. There are so, so many different ways to wear it, regardless of your hair length, shape, style or texture, which is something that, as a #curlygirl who can seemingly never find products that work for her unruly hair, I seriously appreciate.

Bun Cuff in Rose Gold, $45, Chloe & Isabel

Here are some of the different ways you can wear your bun cuff — though I can't wait to get mine and test out more!

1. As A Half Up, Half Down Accessory

This model (who looks pretty identical to Kylie Jenner, which I would have to guess probably isn't an accident) wears her cuff in a high, half top knot. This may be a best-bet option for those of us with thicker hair, because it's

2. As A Messy-Bun-Holder

I can't think of any hair style that could possibly be easier than this. It's a care-free messy bun (aka what I throw on the top of my head when I wash my face at night or when I am trying to keep nacho cheese from getting in my hair while late-night eating) but the bun pin makes it look like a professional updo.

3. As A Sleek-Shape Maker

Unlike with a messy bun, twist your hair tightly at the top of your head and secure all of the end pieces underneath the cuff. Clip the bar in the back to hold the style in place.

4. As A Pony Tail Holder

If you look closely at the poster in the background here, on the far right you can see a curly haired girl letting her natural hair flow totally freely out of her cuff, and it looks awesome. Let your hair air dry, put in a curling product for extra volume and texture, if you so desire, and pull it through the cuff. Voila!

5. As A Bracelet

But wait, there's more! The cuff also doubles as a bracelet, which is a major two-for-the-price-of-one score. Personally, I think having an ugly hair elastic on my wrist completely ruins my outfit, no matter how cute I look, so this is basically a dream come true.

Images: Courtesy of Chloe and Isabel