Joe Biden Has Been Added To Clinton's Endorsements

After receiving a resounding endorsement from President Obama, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is continuing to have a very good day: She just added Vice President Joe Biden to that list of endorsements, as well, Politico reported. It was not the same, three-minute appraisal President Obama gave Clinton earlier in the day, but in typical Biden-fashion, it may have been just as effective.

Biden's remarks came while discussing the empty Supreme Court seat left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia at the American Constitution Society convention in Washington, D.C. In a Donald Trump presidency, this seat would be filled with a judge from the radical right who would seek to undo President Obama's executive orders. Clinton, on the other hand, hopes to advance the progress made throughout Obama's eight years in office, and would appoint a judge — such as the Obama-nominated Merrick Garland — to take over Scalia's position. Garland has yet to receive a fair hearing, as Senate members of the GOP continue to block his appointment in the hopes that they will be able to nominate their own choice in 2017.

When discussing who will appoint this new judge, Biden made his choice clear: "Whoever the next president is, and in my view, God willing, it'll be Secretary Clinton."


Though this endorsement didn't quite match President Obama's, Biden's commitment to Clinton joins a line of others who have backed Clinton in recent days. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has also endorsed the former secretary of state (and is also on her list of potential Vice President picks, making for one potential bad-ass ticket). Other big-timers in the Democratic Party such as Julian Castro have endorsed Clinton, as well as current Secretary of State John Kerry.

Even Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who will continue in the race until the D.C. primary, has vowed to back Clinton should the time come. Just like Biden, Sanders knows that a Trump presidency would be a "disaster" and will work with Clinton to unify the party against the presumptive GOP nominee.

So by all accounts, it looks like Clinton may have a much easier ride into the Democratic convention than previously expected. With the party looking to unify with the blessing of Sanders himself, and a group of powerhouse endorsements so far, Clinton's final run to the convention and likely the November election will be that much smoother with people like Biden behind her.