10 Free Father's Day Gift Ideas For 2016, Because Money Can't Buy You Love

When it comes to Father's Day, your dad isn't looking for a new universal remote, an extra pair of golfing gloves, or yet another addition to his toolbox. No, your dad would much rather get to spend time with you on his special day than open another set of grilling utensils, which is why you should consider free Father's Day gift ideas instead.

Started over 100 years ago, Father's Day was first proclaimed a holiday by Washington state's governor in 1910, but it didn't become a nationwide holiday in the U.S. until 1972. Whereas Mother's Day was met with enthusiasm and excitement, many people were less eager to celebrate fathers around the country. Although it has become a sweet holiday meant to bring fathers and their children together, you can't disagree that Father's Day has more of a focus on gift-giving than it does on actually saying "thanks" to the very important men in our lives.

Instead of buying your dad a present from the "Perfect For Dad" section of a department store, do something a little more meaningful by trying one of these 10 free Father's Day gift ideas that your dad will truly love. Presents are nice and all, but memories will last a lot longer than a new grill.

1. Go On A Father-Daughter Hike

If you and your dad are the outdoors types, than there's no better way to spend Father's Day than by getting lost in the woods. Pack a knapsack with your dad's favorite trail mix, sandwiches, and beer, and hit the mountains. It will be a beautiful day for exercise, bonding, and fresh air you'll both remember forever.

2. Play His Favorite Sport

You and your father could do a million activities together on Father's Day, but why not do something that he truly loves? For some dads, nothing is better than throwing a ball around in the backyard. Strap on your sneakers and head outside, because this Father's Day, nothing beats the gift of a game of catch between a dad and his favorite kid.

3. Let Him Control The Remote

If your family is anything like mine, then the biggest argument on Sunday nights is over who gets to pick what we watch. This Father's Day, give your dad all the power he has ever wanted by letting him have control of the remote. Make him a booklet of "Remote Controller" coupons that allow him to take over the TV whenever he wants. You might hate it, but trust me, he will love it.

4. Wash His Car

You might not get allowance anymore, but that doesn't mean you can't still help out, especially on Father's Day. Instead of buying him a car care set for his other baby, take care of it yourself by detailing your dad's vehicle. Maybe it will make up for that one time you crashed it in high school... maybe.

5. Go Fishing

Your dad has two goals on Father's Day: spending time with his children, and doing something he truly likes to do. Combine those two things to make the perfect free gift: a fishing trip. Pack the cooler with sandwiches and worms, and hit a nearby lake or river for an afternoon of fishing with your dear old dad. Who knows, you might get a free dinner out of it, too.

6. Mow The Lawn

Is your dad in charge of lawn care? Give him the day off and surprise him on Father's Day by taking care of it for him. Mow the lawn, weed the garden, plant some new seeds — whatever it is your dad usually spends his day off doing, do it for him. It's his day, and he deserves to relax.

7. Write Him A Poem

It may sound corny, but few things are as sentimental as a personalized poem. This Father's Day, pull out your thesaurus and string some meaningful words together to create a poem that perfectly expresses what your dad means to you. You may not think you're a great writer, but chances are, whatever you come up with will be better than the one you wrote for him in grade school, and you remember how much your father loved that.

8. Cook Him A Homemade Meal

Mother's Day might be the official holiday for serving breakfast in bed, but that doesn't mean you can't adapt the idea for Father's Day. Instead of buying him tools to grill himself, make him a meal he will love with your own two hands, because he deserves to have his stomach full of fresh ingredients and, more importantly, love.

9. Try A New Online Fitness Class Together

If your dad is the type who always likes doing something new, use your Hulu account to try out a fitness class, yoga routine, or even dance class together. With everything from Kundalini Yoga to Zumba classes, you and your dad can hit the gym together without actually leaving your living room. You'll both feel strong and energized, and it will give you a chance to spend some quality bonding time together.

10. Accept His Friend Request

A simple gesture says it all. This Father's Day, do what you've been dreading and finally accept your dad's Facebook friend request, and then share a special photo or message online for all to see. Just be prepared to get tagged in everything, because that's what dads on Facebook do.

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