You NEED To Hear This One Nick Jonas Song

Baby Jonas is all grown up. The new Nick Jonas album is finally out, and it's pretty much business as usual for the consummate music professional: it's a polished collection of one fun radio-friendly hit after the next. Last Year Was Complicated is supposedly inspired by Jonas's heartbreak after he broke up with his girlfriend, TV presenter and "ice cream enthusiast" (but really: this is the description on her Instagram) Olivia Culpo. There's one song on the album where we get some insight into what Nick Jonas might actually be feeling about this whole break up bummer tsunami. I know, I know. You might be thinking, "Isn't every song like that?" Well, you'd be wrong.

Because the album is actually kind of upbeat. For an album that should be an audio tribute to the pain of breaking up with a lady, it is pretty perky. If breaking up with Olivia Culpo is as not-terrible as this implies, I am going to start dating way more models-turned-TV-personalities. Because obviously I only hadn't been doing it because I didn't want to, not because the offers weren't there, guys.

This said, "Unhinged" is fabulous, because, instead of being fun and danceable, we get a song that allows us to see a more authentic version of the youngest Jonas brother. While the other songs are great, if you're interested in the inner life of Nick Jonas, then I'd start here.

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What I find most appealing about "Unhinged" is that Jonas allows himself to be totally vulnerable. In an era when celebrities are supposed to guard the details of their relationships jealously, Jonas's openness in the first verse is unexpected and refreshing:

Told your mama and your brother you won't compromiseSay my innocent decision keeps you up at nightTalk about another man that you've been talkin' toJust to see if I'll get mad and I'll fight for you(That's just not me)

These are concrete things that Jonas and the unnamed lady in the song (probably Culpo though, right?) fought about. You know it's authentic, because Jonas is doing that thing your friend does where they talk about their ex and use their ex's foibles to paint themselves in the best possible light ("Peter was so untidy! And you know how my apartment always has to be spotless.") to convince both you and themselves that they're way too good for them, so it's fine they're gone.

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But to do Nick Jonas justice, later in the song he concedes that he can be as tricky to deal with as the lady he's singing about:

You're not the first to try and diagnose what's wrong with meI'll be the first to admit that I'm hard to please

I can't believe I'm saying this, but poor Jonas. With his girlfriend who likes drama and his own personal difficulties, life as a millionaire musician doesn't sound as appealing as you might have imagined. The music is every bit as soft and personal as the lyrics themselves, with the song opening on some gentle piano playing and Jonas singing more breathily than he permits himself to on the dance floor bangers.

So, if you want to hear the real Nick Jonas, forget the other tracks — cut straight to this one.