Do You Have To Put Sunscreen On A New Piercing? Experts Have An Answer

Keeping your skin safe from the sun's harsh rays is essential; however, there is one place you shouldn't be applying sunscreen. According to the experts at Shaman Modifications Tattoo & Body Piercing in Austin, Texas on their site, you don't have to put sunscreen on a new piercing. In fact, if the piercing is still in it's healing process, you should avoid any and all lotions around the piercing site.

As piercings are technically puncture wounds, applying any sort of cosmetic lotion over the site isn't a good idea. In order for the piercing to heal properly, it's best to keep the area dry and free from any potentially harmful chemicals or treatments including sunscreen. The reason for this is that sunscreen, like other cosmetics or skincare items, can contain waxes, perfumes, or alcohols that could dry out or irritate the pierced skin. As the team at Liberty Tattoo Parlor in Antioch, Illinois puts it on their website, "If you can't put it in your eye, don't put it on your piercing."

The average healing time for any piercing is typically a few weeks. During that time, be sure to keep your piercing clean and dry. If you have to head out to the beach or pool, then many piercing experts recommend to apply a waterproof bandage over the piercing in order to keep water out.

From there, be sure to avoid using any lotions, cosmetics, or harsh body washes near the pierced skin. Not only can these items dry out your skin, but they can also cause a potential infection near the site.

Like with any body modification, be sure to check in with a professional to make sure that your piercing is healing properly. If you see any sign of discolored puss, redness, or irritation, be sure to mention it to the individual who conducted the piercing.

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Piercings are a very cool and unique way to express yourself. Take care of them during their healing process by avoiding sunscreens and other non-recommended items near your newly pierced skin.

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