12 Movies On Netflix That Are Worth Staying In To Watch

It's not like you really need much convincing to stay in once adulthood has you firmly in its grip. But having a Netflix movie worth staying in for just gives you that little extra incentive to battle cry "sweatpants or death!" Side note: wouldn't it be cool if there was a club where people could just wear sweatpants and just, like, hang out, and read, and watch movies, and stuff? Wait, I think that might be called a library. Well, then libraries should get alcohol.

Anyway, back to Netflix. That saucy temptress that leads us to question if it's more important to go to work today, or to marathon Orange Is The New Black. If you're like me, you usually use streaming media for TV shows, and you forget that movies are an awesome thing that you can also watch. I always tell myself I should watch a show because I don't have time to watch a movie, and then I watch 12 straight hours of the show anyway, so... I guess I need to rekindle my love affair with movies. If you're in the same boat, here are some films (because fancy, artsy people call them films) that are totally worth staying in for.

1. Matt Shepard Is A Friend Of Mine

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

Here's the story of another LGBT person who changed history. We can't forget.

2. Phoenix

Movieclips Film Festivals & Indie Films on YouTube

Intense. Pro tip: Don't sell our your wife to the Nazi party because she might come back with a new identity and sh*t might get real...

3. Silver Linings Playbook

The Weinstein Company on YouTube

Do you have mental illness? Do you want to see a beautiful film where you're not portrayed as a serial killer?

4. Moonrise Kingdom

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

What kind of bird are you? Weirdo kids make my life complete in a way I can't even put in words.

5. Philomena

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Dame Just Dench looks for the baby she was forced to give up as a teen when she was made to go live in a convent. I mean...

6. Hot Fuzz

Movieclips on YouTube

It's like Shaun Of The Dead except replace zombies with police officers.

7. The Kids Are All Right

Focus Features on YouTube

Nothing can be bad in a world where Annette Bening and Julianne Moore are a lesbian power couple.

8. Dear Zachary

Movieclips Trailer Vault on YouTube

Hello, Kleenex, meet my ugly cry face. This is a true gem. And a true kick to the feels.

9. Night Crawler

Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

Jake Gyllenhaal. Breaking news. Car chases. Murder. That sort of thing.

10. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Sony Pictures Entertainment on YouTube

Because we need more badass lesbian leading ladies.

11. Weekend

IFC Films on YouTube

A beautiful love story. Holy heck. (Heart emoji for days.)

12. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

VICE on YouTube

Creepy. In the creepiest way.

Lots of feels. Lots of sweatpants. Probably not too many showers. Sounds like the perfect day/weekend/vacation to me.

Images: YouTube