Amanda Seyfried's New 'Lovelace' Trailer Should Get You, Uh, Excited

If The Canyons trailer staring Lindsay Lohan wasn't enough to get you, uh, excited, good news: a new Lovelace trailer was just released. Amanda Seyfried shines as porn star Linda Lovelace, a woman who struggles to reinvent herself after starring in Deep Throat, one of the first American pornos to actually have a plot.

Adam Brody, James Franco, Peter Sarsgaard, Chloe Sevigny, and a bunch of amazing '70s mustaches are also in the movie, so there's a lot to look forward to later in August, when the flick is supposed to come out. One question remains, though: how is it that two Mean Girls ended up in movies ostensibly about porn this summer?

Wonder what Tina Fey has to say about all this.

Watch the trailer: