11 Changes Jon Snow Has Gone Through On 'Game Of Thrones' Since The Premiere Episode

Do you remember where you were on April 17, 2011? Were you one of the millions whose lives were changed by the forever-magical Game of Thrones ? I can certainly say I was one of them. Since 2011, I've been lapping up (literally) every moment of every episode of every season of Game of Thrones. It's legit one of the best shows ever made. One of the biggest reasons it's such a hit, in my humble opinion? Two words: Jon. Snow. That's right: Game of Thrones is a national treasure mostly because of one Northerner with great broody face.

Who was Jon when we first met him in the premiere episode? Well, he was still living in Winterfell (*teary-eyed emoji*) and all of his family members were still alive. In his first appearance, he was teaching Bran how to shoot an arrow before Arya quickly upstaged him. He was also discovering direwolf pups in the woods and discussing the importance of honor with his brothers. Up until the premiere episode, it's can safely be said that Jon led a relatively comfortable life in the North. In spite of his mysterious lineage, things were cushy. Naturally, that all went completely out the Moon Door and from the premiere onward, Jon's life has been nothing but insane adventure after insane adventure.

1. He Left Home


You can't grow up if you don't leave the nest, right? Although it was doubtful Jon would have ever been the sort to stay home, it was a little bittersweet to watch him ship out to Castle Black, waving goodbye to Winterfell for the forseeable future.

2. He Was Supposed To Find Out Who He Was


Damnit, Ned! You had one job. You were supposed to live long enough to prove R + L = J. We've all basically put the pieces together but in those early days, we were dying to be present for the moment when Jon got the reveal on that major key.

3. He Fell In Love


How was it that one of Westeros' most eligible bachelor's went single for so long? Luckily, Jon met Ygritte one wintry day and the rest was history.

4. He Knew Nothing (For A Little Bit)


Watching Ygritte try and get snuggly with Jon was one of the cutest things on the planet. There comes a time in every man's life when he has to perfect his flirt game and thank goodness he was there to practice on Ygritte.

5. He Saw The White Walkers


Yeah, the Battle at Hardhome was a pivotal one for Jon and the Night's Watch. This was a life-changing battle for Jon and it showed. Seeing the threat of the White Walkers alerted Jon to the immediate doom Westeros faced, putting a bit more urgency into his future decisions.

6. He Made New Friends


Admit it: the friendship Jon struck up with Samwell Tarly was just about the greatest thing ever. It might have been a culture shock when they both arrived at Castle Black but watching them mature, fight, and grow together was fun to watch.

7. He Died

This was a tough one. He was legit stabbed in the back by those he trusted. Thank goodness this state of being didn't last long.

8. He Came Back From The Dead


Nothing says, "Here's Johnny!" like waking up from the dead after someone uses her mysterious powers on you. We have to yet see if coming back from the dead has any serious side effects, though. Let's hope that if there are any ill effects, he can use them on Ramsay Bolton.

9. He Made Some Savage Choices


Jon was raised in a house that practiced civility, kindness, loyalty and justice. In the premiere episode, we watched Jon lecture Bran about why their father had to kill a deserter. Now, after battles and bad alliances and the decision to hang a few of his traitorous brothers-in-arms, Jon has no problem accessing his darker side.

10. He Became An Avenging Son

Jon has often been a calmer sort of dude, but the threat of Winterfell being lost to Ramsay Bolton forever has gotten him appropriately fired up.

11. He Became A Leader


It's safe to say that now, as Season 6 comes to a close, Jon has totally transformed from a sweet-natured, capable-but-ill-begotten young man into a toughened leader. He's fought hard to stay alive. He's persevered. He's totally transformed.

Our little babe is growing up so quickly! Season 6 is winding down and there's still so much to be made known. Will Jon and Sansa raise their army? Will they defeat Ramsay? Can they take down the White Walkers? So many questions, so little time! One this is for certain: Jon is definitely not the same man he was in the first ever Game of Thrones episode — and that's a really good thing.

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