12 'Game Of Thrones' Pairings That Absolutely Need To Happen

Between the constant battles and the threat of invading ice zombies, the citizens of Westeros don't have much time for romance — but that does not stop me from wanting a whole lot of Game of Thrones characters to hook up. Hey, people need love, even in times of war — and while Season 6 has not been the most romantic of seasons, Gilly and Sam's adorable family sticking together was a definite highlight. Gilly and Sam just prove that all the action, dragons, and magic in the world is no substitute for a well told love story. My priorities? Totally in order.

Game of Thrones is full of potential relationships that could be hot, sweet, and downright addictive for the viewers (see Tormund and Brienne for reference). While it will be hard for any love story to top Ned and Catelyn, or Jon and Ygritte, there is no harm in trying. Before Game of Thrones gets too busy fighting off the coming winds of winter, the show needs to let some sparks fly for Brienne, Jaime, Sansa, and a whole host of other characters, major and minor. Whether it's just a chaste kiss or full on can't live without you love, these 24 characters need to hookup before Game of Thrones ends.

Missandei & Grey Worm


Is this one cheating? Maybe, but I don't care because Missandei and Grey Worm's love is too precious for this world. They've shared a beautiful kiss and some next level looks of longing, but seeing these two take their relationship to the next level would be nothing short of revolutionary. Besides, more Missandei and Grey Worm is never a bad thing.

Tormund & Brienne


It's not just the googly eyes Tormund keeps aiming Brienne's way that makes me want to see these two together, it is their shared sense of honor. Tormund is a good man, a man of his word and he clearly thinks Brienne is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. As for Brienne, if she ever gets the chance to see Tormund's loyalty and bravery, she'll be majorly impressed by the Wildling.

Daenerys & Jon


OK, so if R + L = J is true, then Dany is technically Jon's aunt, and this pairing gets weird. Still, who doesn't want to see fire and ice collide in this mashup? Dany's spirit and Jon's nobility make these two a perfect match.

Sansa & Podrick


Sansa's ideals about love have been shattered by a string of truly terrible men. I would love nothing more for Sansa to see there is still kindness in the world, and some knights (err... squires) truly live up to the stories. Podrick is a caring, sweet young man who would utterly devote himself to Sansa's happiness, and I would definitely pay to see that happen.

Arya & Gendry


When Arya last saw Gendry, she was a young girl with a crush. Now she is a young woman who has been through all seven hells. When these two eventually reunite (because it must happen), they deserve a happy ending, or at least what passes for one in Westeros.

Jaime & Brienne


These two are practically written in the stars. Someday, Jaime and Brienne are going to realize they are in love with each other, and that day will be beautiful — especially if there is kissing.

Yara & Daenerys


The pirate queen from the Iron Islands is on a collision course with the dragon queen, and I would not say no to these two women becoming the ultimate power couple as they storm King's Landing.

Meera & Bran


Meera went to the ends of the earth for Bran, quite literally. After everything they have lost, these two have managed to stay together, and at this point they feel like an endgame couple.

Margaery & Sansa


Hey, Sophie Turner ships them, and honestly, given the way these two women brought joy to each other's lives in a frankly terrifying time, I am right there with her.

Jorah & Dany


Jorah's love for Dany is messy and complicated, just like her love for him. Still, the heart wants what the heart wants, and this heart wants those two to hookup once Jorah rids himself of that pesky greyscale.

Littlefinger & Cersei


If Littlefinger and Cersei combined their forces and deep desire for power, they would be the most dangerous couple in all of Westeros. They would be scary, but also super sexy in a dangerous and murder-y kind of way.

Tyrion & Kinvara


Why should Tyrion and the new Red Woman, Kinvara, hook up? Because it would be smoking hot, that's why.

It is time for Game of Thrones to get serious about romance again, and any one of these 12 couples would be the perfect place to start.

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