Orlando Residents Are Speaking Out

The tragedy that took place early Sunday morning in an Orlando gay nightclub is difficult to comprehend. So much life was lost because a gunman decided to open fire on a crowded club, and hearing the news, it's impossible not only to feel devastated for the victims, but for their families, their friends, and also all of Orlando. A horrific mass shooting of this caliber on one's home turf is hugely painful, and the many tweets of Orlando residents in response to the killings show just how hard it is for these people to come to terms with the tragedy that occurred at Pulse.

This is an absolutely heart-wrenching experience; the incident at Pulse killed 50 people, including the gunman, and injured 50 more. The horror that took place there is hard for all of us to deal with, but it must be incredibly brutal for other people living in the city of Orlando and/or state of Florida. Many of them have expressed their sadness, their disbelief, their outrage, and their support on Twitter, and while it's horrible to have an event like the shooting take place, it's reassuring to see so many neighbors showing their love for one another during a time of such great tragedy. Here are some tweets from Orlando residents about the Pulse shooting:

In light of this horrendous loss of human life, it may be incredibly challenging for the citizens of Orlando to move past this tragic event. My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims, as well as the citizens of Florida, as they cope with the shooting's heartbreaking effects.

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