Adele Took Down A Critic In The Funniest, Most Adele Way Possible — VIDEO

Adele is known for having a heart-stoppingly beautiful voice as well as being a proud, unapologetic entertainer. Who could forget when she proclaimed in a 2010 issue of Vogue, "I enjoy being me; I always have." So when people come after her, it's no surprise that Adele is never afraid to fight back. In a recent example of her not taking any crap, Adele retaliated fiercely — and hilariously — when a critic, the music producer Tony Visconti, had some not-so-nice words to say about her voice.

The famous producer, who's worked with David Bowie, gave The Daily Star his thoughts on the music industry and said, "You turn the radio on and it's fluff, you are listening to 90 percent computerized voices. We know Adele has a great voice but it's even questionable if that is actually her voice or how much has been manipulated. We don't know."

If the sassiness of that comment doesn't make you go "ooooh" and perhaps even say "dayum" or "wow," you need to get your snark-o-meter checked. But seriously, how could anyone doubt that Adele's voice is pure and perfect? Thankfully, at one of her recent shows, Adele provided that her vocal talents are not up for debate and her level of sass transcended Visconti's.

Adele responded in a big way to her critic, and, unsurprisingly, to the momentous applause and cheers of her fans. She boldly addressed the audience, saying, "Some d*ckhead tried to say that my voice was not me on record. Dude, suck my d*ck." How great is that?!


Keep speaking your mind, Adele. That attitude and boldness is absolute perfection.

Images:Twitter/@DailyAsad , Giphy