You Go, Bieber! Way To Not Get Arrested!

You guys, there is new legal drama involving Justin Bieber, but he isn't the one in trouble! Justin Bieber's bodyguard and driver were arrested Wednesday morning for alleged theft of a photographer's camera. The driver, Terrance Johnson, and the bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, were originally both charged with felony theft, but the charges against Johnson, who was a contracted limo driver, were dropped. Additionally, charges against Hesny were raised from "felony entering auto" to "robbery by snatch." Now before you get too excited about Bieber not being directly connected to this crime, consider that there is still a chance Bieber was behind this, Mafia-style. Maybe the camera, which is reportedly worth a whopping $10,000 by the way, had information on it that Bieber didn't want out in the world. Here are some theories of what could be on that camera...

1. An Embarrassing Skee Ball Attempt

Bieber and his gang were at an arcade called Funhouse in Sandy Springs, Ga when Hesny and Johnson left to follow the photographer. He probably got footage of Bieber's massive skee ball fail.

2. An Embarrassing Dance Dance Revolution Loss

Or perhaps he prefers a more modern game.

3. Bieber Peeing In Something

He tends to pee in nontraditional places — a mop bucket, a random patch of snow in Colorado, jail — so that container of arcade game prizes might have looked too tempting to resist.

4. A Picture Of Bieber's Snack Receipt

It's happened once, it could happen again. If Bieber spent even more on snacks at the arcade than he did at that movie theater, he might not want that getting out. Makes him look spoiled and that's something he's obviously very concerned about.

5. Bieber Singing Along To "Baby"

It came on in the arcade and he got really excited about it. Like, as excited as a Belieber.

6. Photos Of Bieber's New Home

He is reportedly looking for a new home in Georgia. Who knows how long this photographer was following him? He could've seen Bieber putting a down payment on a house and plans to release it to TMZ.