Bieber Peed Somewhere Else Unconventional

by Lia Beck

It is becoming harder and harder to give a brief recap of everything Justin Bieber has been up to recently, but I'll try. He egged a house, his friend Lil Za got arrested at his home, his house got raided, and he reportedly has been drinking sizzurp. Now there is something new to add to that list, allegedly, Justin Bieber peed his initials into the snow in Colorado over the weekend. Peeing in unusual places is nothing new for Bieber who has previously peed in a mop bucket and I've gotta say, this is a step up. At least it's outdoors.

According to TMZ, Bieber's "motorcade of Escalades" (a great potential rap lyric if anyone wants to snatch it up) pulled over in Snowmass, Colo. on Jan. 19 and Bieber jumped out and peed in the snow while surrounded by bodyguards. Can you imagine being one of those bodyguards? You would go home and your significant other would ask, "What did you do at work today?" "Oh, nothing much. Formed a circle with other grown men around Justin Bieber while he pissed his initials in the snow. The usual."

Reportedly, Snowmass residents saw Bieber stop for his snow pee and while they didn't get a picture of Bieber himself, one person took a photo of his frozen artwork. I didn't plan on spending any time today comparing Justin Bieber's regular, hand-written signature to his ice cold, wiener written signature, but here we are. What I've found is that the 'B' looks similar... I think. Really it's a little hard to believe that this was even written with pee. For one, it's not yellow and I'm thinking J. Biebz is probably not the most hydrated person with all the sizzurp drinking. For two, can anyone really write that well with pee? The 'B' in my normal signature never looks as good as this pee 'B' and I write it with ink rather than urine and am never high on codeine while it happens. Point is, it really wouldn't be surprising if someone in Snowmass saw all the crazy stuff Bieber's been up to recently, decided it would be believable that he would do this, and got to drawing his initials in the snow with a stick.

You can check out the photo of Justin Bieber's snow pee initials here.