How To Get Your Bikini Body Now

Around the same time that the sun starts shining its golden mane after some winter hibernation, our newsstands, Facebook feeds, and even some of our besties often begin harping on the question of how to get a bikini body. In the traditional sense of the term (and by "traditional," I simply mean the image we're bombarded with most frequently), a bikini body is a lean, feminine figure: Toned, tanned, flat-bellied, cellulite-free, and housing pockets of fat only on the breasts and perhaps the derriere.

A bikini body is a singular physical form we are all meant to strive for, regardless of genetics or bone structure or even personal preference. Once it's achieved, we'll finally be free! We'll traipse through the wilderness, run through the sand, sip all the cocktails, feel guiltless at all those summertime barbecues, fall in love, and maybe even land a modeling contract. Once it's achieved, we'll be perfect.

The truth is that the only version of perfection that arguably exists in this world is that of a woman or human who has learned to feel at ease — maybe even confident and strong and valued and beautiful — in the body they currently have. Body positive rhetoric has said time and time again that the only genuine way of getting a bikini body is to put your body in a bikini; whatever that body may be. And this summer, we think it's about time more people jumped on that bandwagon. Here's the bikini body how-to video everyone should see.

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