Kristen Bell's 'Parks and Recreation' Spot Will Be a 'Party Down' Reunion (Of Sorts)

Forget Lifeguard -- Kristen Bell is about to have an even better Party Down reunion. The actress will reunite with her former co-star Adam Scott on the set of Parks and Recreation , where she will play a snobby city councilwoman from Eagleton named Ingrid. Executive Producer Mike Schur describes her as a richer, better-dressed version of Leslie -- or in other words, a blonde version of Parker Posey's character.

Things have definitely been looking up for Kristen Bell -- her new baby and the Veronica Mars movie brings her, and fans, a lot to look forward to. And things are looking good for Parks and Recreation, too -- with this and Andy Dwyer's possible new hot bod, it will definitely be an interesting season for the NBC show.