Why Is Cersei On Trial Again In 'Game Of Thrones'? The Walk Of Atonement Wasn't Her Only Penance

Game of Thrones is known for being a long and winding story — especially since it's an adaptation of George R.R. Martin's long and winding book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. But, between the story that bounces all over the world from Westeros to the land across the Narrow Sea, and the long breaks in between seasons of the HBO series, it can be tough to remember everything that happened in the previous five seasons. So, fans may be wondering what exactly Cersei is on trial for on Game of Thrones especially because it has been so long since her arrest in Season 5.

Well, as the High Sparrow began gaining followers in Season 5 — helped along by Cersei, who largely used his faith to drive a wedge between Tommen and Margaery Tyrell — and building his Faith Militant, Lancel Lannister joined the cause. In the process of Lancel confessing his sins, he admitted his affair with Cersei as well as how he helped her kill Robert Baratheon by serving the king too much strongwine while on the hunt. She was then arrested for adultery, incest, and regicide. In Season 5, Cersei admitted to her relationship with Lancel (which is the adultery charge against her), but claimed innocence for her relationship with Jamie as well her involvement in Robert's death.


Of course, fans won't soon forget Cersei's walk of atonement through the city streets of King's Landing in the Season 5 finale and while many might have forgotten her other crimes, she still must stand trial. The walk of atonement was only for the sin that she confessed, her adultery, and was a condition made by the High Sparrow as part of Cersei's release from her cell — and subsequent confinement to the Red Keep.

So, as Season 6 moves toward Cersei's trial, it's likely we'll be reminded of her other crimes, particularly her incestuous relationship with Jamie (who has recently been away on a mission to re-take Riverrun) and her part in killing Robert way back in Season 1. Cersei originally planned to win her freedom through a trial by combat using the re-animated Mountain, but that plan was squashed in the most recent Season 6 episode, 'No One,' when Tommen announced the practice would be abolished.


Still, though the charges against Cersei may be severe, she isn't the kind of person to go down without a fight — even if that fight is more metaphorical than literal. Remember, Cersei's rumor that Qyburn investigated may prove to be her saving grace. In fact, one particular theory states that she will use the Mad King Aerys' secret stores of Wildfire around King's Landing to attack the city. So, if we know nothing else about Cersei's trial than her crimes, we still know it's an event not to be missed on Game of Thrones.

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