The 'Finding Dory' Soundtrack Is Absolutely "Unforgettable"

Like many others out there, every time I watch a Pixar movie, I find myself sobbing uncontrollably. From the design to the characters to the story, every inch of what the studio does is encapsulated in emotion. In addition to iconic characters, Pixar movies often feature music and original songs written exclusively for them. From "You've Got a Friend in Me" in Toy Story to "Down to Earth" in Wall-E to "When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2, one thing is clear: Pixar knows that good music is nearly as important as a good story. Which is why, I had no doubt that the soundtrack to Finding Dory would be as incredible as all the others, and happily, I wasn't wrong.

With the upcoming and eagerly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo , I wondered if there would be a new original song crafted exclusively for Finding Dory itself. The soundtrack already boasts a sure-to-be impressive score from legendary composer Thomas Newman, who has scored films such as American Beauty, Skyfall, Wall-E, and Finding Nemo. The track list for the Finding Dory soundtrack includes songs called "Gnarly Chop," "Okay with Crazy," "Meet Destiny," "Joker at Work," "Two Lefts and a Right," and "Sigourney Weaver" (say what?!). From those titles alone, it's clear that Finding Dory isn't messing around — this is going to be one emotional roller coaster of a movie that, most likely, is going to leave me with a smile on my face and used tissues in my pocket.


In addition to the score, Finding Dory has one last surprise. The new theme song needed a singer whose vocals could take the audience on an emotional journey and bring the song to new heights. Ellen Degeneres personally asked Sia if she would sing the theme song, according to ComingSoon, and the singer said yes."Unforgettable" is a romantic, classic, beautiful song that was made famous by legendary singer Nat King Cole, and now, tune takes the reigns and puts her own spin on the iconic song, which will play out over the credits. While it's not a new sotung, it's a timeless one that is sure to be perfect for Finding Dory.

The title "Unforgettable" should seem a bit ironic, though, seeing as Dory has short-term memory and forgets things seconds after they happen. Hopefully, the song is a little spoiler as to what we might expect in the film and maybe, just maybe Dory gets her memories back. Or perhaps, "Unforgettable" speaks to the fact that while Dory may not have her memories, her family and their love will be eternally unforgettable.

There's no doubt that the soundtrack to Finding Dory will be as wonderful, if not more so, than the soundtrack to Finding Nemo. With Newman leading the charge and Sia providing the theme song, it's clear that this will be a movie as unforgettable as its predecessor.

Images: Giphy; Pixar Animation Studios