This Is What We Know About 'The Jungle Movie'

by Mary Grace Garis

If you felt tortured that past 14 years not knowing the fate of Arnold’s parents, news of the upcoming Hey Arnold! movie must have eased your childhood anxieties. Well, prepare to be elated with this latest update: it's been recently confirmed that the film’s official title is Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie , cementing that Craig Bartlett and friends are in fact resurrecting Football Head’s San Lorenzo adventure. And that’s a great tidbit to nibble on, but what else do we know?

Well, so far there isn’t a lot of official information out there, just a lot of speculation based on the original storyboards and other leaked original production materials. Presumably this belated iteration isn’t going to stray too far from that. Like, there’s no doubt that Arnold is going to hit up the jungle in this movie.

But beyond that? What we mainly know is a rundown of personnel, and that’s not a bad place to start. You’d be comforted to find out how Nickelodeon is going to stay true to its original Hey Arnold! roots... you know, as much as logistically possible. To keep you satiated until the movie debuts, this is everything we know about Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie thus far.

1. It's A Two-Part, Two Hour TV Movie

Don't worry, you're not going to have to shell out a ticket for it. Honestly, I'm still annoyed I wasted (my parents) money on the original Hey Arnold! movie.

2. It Basically Picks Up Right Where The Series Left Off

According to the original press release, the film will be "resolving unanswered questions and plotlines, including Arnold finally getting answers about the whereabouts of his missing parents." Three guesses as to where he's going to go look for them.

3. 19 Of The Original Voice Actors Are Returning

And this extensive list includes: Helga, Phoebe, Harold, Rhonda, Olga, Big Patty, Mr. Simmons, Eduardo, Ernie, Bob and Miriam Pataki, Arnold's Grandparents, Arnold's parents, Coach Wittenberg, and most importantly, Stoop Kid. I mean, thank God for that.

4. But Arnold And Gerald's Original Voice Actors Won't Be Voicing Arnold And Gerald

Although Lane Toran and Jamil Smith will be returning too, it's safe to assume they can't pull of Arnold and Gerald's voices anymore. Mainly because were literal children when the show first came out and, you know, two decades have past.

5. Bobby Draper Is Going To Voice Arnold

That is, Mason Vale Cotton, who played one of the many Bobby Draper's on Mad Men, is filling in this time around.

6. And Plenty Of Younger Actors Will Also Fill Up The Roles Of Some Of Arnold's Classmates

Gerald will be voiced by Benjamin Lil P-Nut Flores Jr. (who is apparently some kind of 13-year-old rapper?) while other parts will be filled in by other child voice actors, potentially ones already in the Nickelodeon family.

7. Lasombra Will Be Returning As The Main Villain

That may not be ringing any bells. To recap, the river pirate played a pivotal role in "The Journal," stealing an important relic from the Green Eyed People (which Arnold's parents returned).

8. The Movie Is Slated To Debut In 2017

Sorry, guys! I know it's been hard enough waiting upwards of 14 years for this Hey Arnold! cliffhanger to be solved, but I'm gonna have to ask you to hold out a litle bit longer. I'm sure in the end it'll be worth the wait.

Images: Nickelodeon (1); Giphy (8)