How Much Rihanna's New Puma Trainers Will Cost You

While you may be totally willing to spend a little more money for an amazing pair of heels, sneakers are one of those items you don't necessarily want to spend a ton on — unless we're talking about Rihanna's Fenty trainers, of course. But how much is the new Rihanna grey Trainer by Fenty going to cost you exactly? It's more than you'd maybe normally pay for a sneaker, but it isn't totally outrageous, either.

The world already has no chill when it comes to Rihanna's Fenty trainers, but her newest color may seriously be the best one yet. The singer is dropping a new pair of grey sneaks in her collaboration with Puma on Wednesday, June 15, and if anything is for certain, they are definitely going to sell out. They're so cool, versatile, and neutral without being basic.

But, OK, before you get all excited, exactly how much is this new color going to cost you? Rihanna's grey Trainers by Fenty will retail for $180, which is a lot for a sneaker, but in the grand scheme of things, it's pretty reasonable. And plus, they're just so worth it, because you can wear them with anything and they're actually comfortable, unlike a pair of expensive heels would be.

The grey trainers will be available on, as well as at select retailers worldwide.

But you need to act fast because these will be gone almost as soon as they drop.

May the force be with you/odds be ever in your favor/all that jazz.

Images: Courtesy of Fenty