'ALF' Actor Michu Meszaros Passes Away & Here Are 7 Clips From The Iconic Show To Remember Him By — VIDEOS

Sad news for ALF fans. The man who played the original Alien Life Form in a number of episodes, Michu Meszaros, passed away on Monday after being found unresponsive by his manager, Dennis Varga. The actor was a former circus performer who starred as ALF in a handful of the 103 episodes. Although the character was often played by a puppet, Meszaros donned the furry costume to become the famed alien who everyone wanted as a friend in a number of amazing moments from the show ALF.

With a penchant for craving cats and getting into a number of hilarious predicaments, ALF (and the man who sometimes played him) weaseled his way into audiences’ hearts in the mid-80’s when the show first aired. And even though every episode of ALF didn’t feature Meszaros’ work, I feel inclined to pay homage to the amazing actor by watching some of the best moments from the show.

From 1986 until 1990 the actor brought ALF to life in a number of episodes, stepping into his furry body as he lived among the Tanner family and did his best not to eat their cat.

So let’s revisit some of the character’s best moments as we remember Michu Meszaros. It was his work, after all, that so often brought the character we all loved to life.

1. The Time He Taught Martial Arts

wizardofkeys on YouTube

He didn’t have much motivation in life, but he did have a lot of street smarts.

2. The Time His Physical Comedy Was On Point

Margaret Villano on YouTube

I’m pretty sure Meszaros wasn’t in the costume the moment he was launched across the living room.

3. The Time He Hosted Hollywood Squares

Hondo20132 on YouTube

How he didn’t get this full-time gig is beyond me.

4. The Times He Added Levity To Every Situation

wizardofkeys on YouTube

How can anyone be mad at that face?

5. Every Time He Snuck Food From The Kitchen

wizardofkeys on YouTube

At least it wasn’t the family cat.

6. When He Eased The Family’s Worry About Being Found Out

wizardofkeys on YouTube

No one cared less about being an alien on earth than ALF.

7. The Time He Broke It Down To Diana Ross

currahee77 on YouTube

Someone get this guy on Lip Sync Battle ASAP.

The world will definitely be a little less brighter without Meszaros in it, but it’s comforting to be able to watch these clips from the show and remember his talent.

Image: NBC