Who's The Father Of Molly's Baby On 'Guilt'? This Could've Given The Killer A Major Motive

Even the best of friends don't necessarily share everything, which appears to be the case between Grace and Molly on Freeform's new summer series, Guilt . Or rather, perhaps they were sharing a little too much together... like the same guy, for instance. That's right, my friends — Molly was secretly hooking up with Grace's boyfriend, Luc. However, the scandal doesn't just end there. After examining the body, the coroner revealed to the police that Molly was pregnant. So naturally, the next question that comes to mind is who's the father? Odds are the answer could point to the killer.

One the one hand, Grace could've found out and killed her roommate out of anger and jealousy. But if that's the case then Grace deserves an Oscar for her performance because those doe eyes make her look all sorts of innocent. At the same time, though, it could've been the would-be father who committed the crime and didn't want their affair to be found out. Lucy is the obvious choice for such a candidate, but let's not be too quick to look over Prince Theo, whose nightly S&M activities seemed to somehow involve Molly as well.

Both guys stand an equal chance of being the father, however, there's also a third-party option to consider. If Molly really was involved in some sort of S&M form of employment then odds are she had more than just Prince Theo as a client. Maybe another guy killed her out of jealousy, or maybe he was the stalker Grace mentioned and grew tired of admiring her from afar.

And, of course, let's not rule out Grace's stepdad, James. It was implied that he was potentially sleeping with Molly due to the fact that Natalie found his scarf among Molly's belongings. Did she tell him she was pregnant and he killed her to cover up the affair? We know very little about these characters so far, but I think it's safe to say that no one is completely free of guilt here. But whoever the father was may very well be the key to unlocking Molly's killer and shedding some light on this mystery once and for all.

Image: Nick Ray/Freeform