If 'Little Women: NY' Season 3 Happens, We'll See The Cast's Many Adventures

When it was announced that Little Women: NY would be returning for Season 2 earlier this year, I was happy to know that the Little Women: LA spinoff would have its time in the sun once again. But now that Season 2 of Little Women: NY is already coming to a close Wednesday night, I have to say that I'm a bit concerned about the fate of the series. So will there be a Season 3 of Little Women: NY or will it be moving off of Lifetime's schedule soon?

Unfortunately, I just don't know the answer to that one way or the other right now. Lifetime has made no official announcement about whether or not Little Women: NY will be back for Season 3.

So is that something you should be worried about? Yes and no, I think. At this time last season, Little Women: NY wasn't renewed for Season 2 yet either, and as we all know, it did eventually come back for more.

However, there are a couple of things that have me a bit worried about the chances of Little Women: NY's survival. First off, its ratings have decreased from last season, but they have also remained fairly consistent throughout Season 2, according to The Nielsen Company, as reported by TV by the Numbers, so that's something. Unfortunately, Lifetime has also decreased the number of episodes from 10 last season to seven this season, as the series' page on TV Guide's website shows, which might not be such a good sign.

Even if Little Women: NY does get renewed for Season 3, it's a little difficult to know exactly when it will be back on Lifetime. Season 1 premiered on March 25, 2015 and Season 2 returned on May 4, 2016, according to TV Guide. But taking all of that into consideration, it seems likely that if Little Women: NY returns for Season 3, it will be back on in Spring 2017.

If you're listening, Lifetime, I sure would like there to be more Little Women: NY because the cast is full of charismatic, entertaining, and fascinating people. Don't believe me? Just take a look at what the Little Women: NY cast has been up to since filming on Season 2 wrapped, and you'll wonder how Lifetime could not make a Season 3 out of their shenanigans.

Dawn Lang

Dawn always finds herself embroiled in one conflict or another on Little Women: NY, but she seems as close as ever with two people she has fought with this season: her brother David and castmate Lila Call, according to her Instagram profile. It doesn't look like Dawn has made much headway with her sister-in-law Jazmin, at least where interacting on social media is concerned. Otherwise, it looks like Dawn has been keeping things tranquil as she continues to practice yoga and travel to peaceful paradises like Hawaii. Say what you want about Dawn, but it looks like she's living the dream right about now.

Jazmin Lang

No, Jazmin and Dawn don't seem to be speaking much these days, and when they do, they don't exchange such kind words with each other. However, Jazmin has been spending much of her days with her husband David, with whom she celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary last month, and her brother, who attended prom and graduated high school this year, as she has chronicled on Instagram. She also seems to be very into Snapchat these days. I doubt she'll be doing any face swaps with Dawn anytime soon, though.

Jason Perez

It looks like Jason is continuing to chase his dreams of making it in show biz by posting tons of videos of himself showing off his singing voice on Instagram. Even though Jason decided to move out of his parents' house to start a new life of his own this season of Little Women: NY, he still sees his family plenty. He also spends his days participating in activities that bring him closer to his Filipino heritage, such as showing his Filipino pride at the Philippine Independence Day Parade in New York and raising money for the Philippine Heritage Center. And yes, he's still with his boyfriend DJ.

Lila Call

It looks like Lila has had a rough go of it recently. She underwent a 9.5-hour spinal decompression and spinal fusion surgery earlier this month and has been recovering in the hospital ever since, according to her Instagram profile. Luckily, Jason and Dawn have sent her some love in person and in the form of a floral arrangement, respectively. Well, at least she got to be elated about meeting Louie Anderson before then.

Jessica Capri

Starring on a reality TV show can really change a person, but it looks like Jessica's life has remained fairly normal since she appeared in her inaugural season of Little Women: NY. She's mostly been spotted hanging out with friends since filming on Season 2 ended, the photos on her Instagram profile show. However, she did recently change things up by dying her hair blue. But I have a feeling that Jessica is the kind of girl who's always looking for her next adventure.

Katie Snyder

Katie has kept quite the low profile since Season 2 of Little Women: NY began. She has barely tweeted, and when she has, it's mostly been about the show, as the above tweet illustrates. She also has an Instagram account but no photos posted. All I hope is that Katie and her new baby are doing just fine, especially considering all of the drama surrounding her pregnancy this season.

Here's hoping Little Women: NY returns for Season 3 so we can see all of this — and much more — play out on screen.

Image: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime