T-Rav Gives An Iconic Toast On 'Southern Charm'

If I learned anything from The Glass Menagerie speech of Southern Charm Season 1, it is this: When T-Rav kicks off a dinner party with a reference to an iconic Broadway show, we’re in for a not-to-be-missed episode of television. So when T-Rav sprinkled West Side Story into his toast on this Monday night’s episode of Southern Charm, I gripped the arms of my chair. Something good, indeed.

Toward the end of this week’s thrilling ep, T-Rav welcomed a majority of the cast over to his stunning abode to celebrate the birth of his and Kathryn’s son, throw back a few alcoholic beverages, enjoy a meal, and listen to some unsolicited advice. The second T-Rav said he wanted to offer his friends some “words of wisdom,” my face contorted into a huge grin and I couldn’t stop. (One might even say it was almost as if I smeared Vaseline on my teeth.) T-Rav demanded the table be silent. My face cheeks and jaw began to ache from smiling.

And then, he began to deliver a dramatic, spoken-word rendition of “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story. Here's a direct transcript:

Could it be? Yes, it could.

Something’s coming. Something good.

Maybe tonight, maybe tonight. Maybe. Tonight.

I felt so alive.

Alas, T-Rav’s toast had only just begun. He still had some names to call and some accusations to make and some low blows to dole out. Shep and T-Rav still had to yell at each other. T-Rav still had to yell at Cameran. Kathryn and Landon still had to yell at each other. Half of the dinner guests still had to scurry out of the house, hop on a golf cart, and drive away. T-Rav still had to chase after his guests. Cooper still had to intercept T-Rav before he jumped onto the golf cart.

As Cooper wrangled the party host, I half-expected T-Rav to belt out "Gee, Officer Krupke" right there in the middle of the street. I gotta say, it's probably for the best that it didn't happen; I'm not sure my face could handle yet another aggressively happy smile this evening.

Images: Paul Cheney/Bravo; Bravo