Top 5 Shampoos For Colored Hair After The Beach

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As much fun as a day in the sun and surf can be, it can actually do some damage to your hair if you're not careful. Especially if you dye your hair, it's important to wash out all of the damaging effects of the sun, salt, and wind with a good after-beach shampoo for colored hair. But what exactly does a day at the beach do to your strands? I corresponded with Macadamia Professional AVP of Global Education, Karrie Fonte, to find out.

Basically, the beach is one of your hair's worst enemies. "Salt will evaporate the moisture and water that is naturally found in your hair, causing it to become dry and brittle, ultimately causing breakage," says Fonte. As if this weren't enough, Fonte went on to explain that, "UVA and UVB rays can damage to the cuticle layer of the hair and cause split ends, the hair to look frizzy and feel rough, and your color to fade whether natural or artificial." Yeesh. But before you throw in the towel, and decide to never set foot in the ocean again for the sake of your hair, just keep in mind that cleaning your hair as soon as you get home from the beach will help prevent long-term, damaging effects.

According to Fonte, it's important to find a post-beach shampoo that is "strong enough to deeply cleanse and remove the impurities from your hair while being gentle and putting back in the moisture and natural oils that have been stripped by exposure to the sun, salt, and wind." But no worries if you don't know where to start looking. Here are five shampoos that are perfect for colored hair after a day at the beach:

1. Macadamia

Endless Summer Sun & Surf Shampoo, $22, Amazon

Not only will this shampoo defend against frizz and humidity, but it will also cleanse all hair types of salt, chlorine, and product build-up while protecting color.

2. Fairy Tales

Lifeguard Clarifying Shampoo, $9, Amazon

Don't let "clarifying" scare you. This color-safe shampoo gently removes salt, minerals, and chlorine without any harsh chemicals, parabens, or sulfates.

3. Shu Uemura

Color Lustre Sulfate-Free Brilliant Glaze Shampoo For Color-Treated Hair, $61, Amazon

Not only does this shampoo protect strands from external stress factors, but it also prevents color from fading and balances the scalp's natural oils.

4. Sun Bum

Beach Formula Shampoo, $17, Amazon

Easily wash out salt, chlorine, and environmental pollutants with a color-safe, strengthening shampoo that restores moisture, shine, and smoothness.

5. Phyto

Phytoplage Hair and Body Rehydrating Shampoo, $56, Amazon

Safe for colored and highlighted hair, this after-sun wash can be used on both hair and body to counteract any dryness while also gently removing salt, sand, chlorine, and sunscreen residue.

Because with the right post-beach shampoo, damage and fading just aren't as much of a concern.

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