6 Of The Best Swimming Hairstyles For Long Hair

Summer is simultaneously the best and worst season for lengthy strands, especially when it comes to finding the best swimming styles for long hair. There are so many styling options to play with, whether it's loose braids or messy waves. However, lengthy locks only make the summer heat feel hotter, and when it comes to cooling off in a pool or the ocean, tangled tresses are a serious concern. Seriously, it's enough that we have to worry about chlorine and salt water drying out and damaging our hair, but a rat's nest on top of it all? Not cute. Thankfully, there are some hairstyles that can combat water's wicked ways.

Making sure long hair is not susceptible to being utterly tangled is all about accounting for all of that length— regular ponytails just won't cut it. Instead, try a braid or a bun that will secure every hair at the ends. And for added protection, try applying a leave-in cream or conditioner before styling. This can not only help your style hold a little better, but it will also prevent your hair from absorbing as much chlorinated or salt water (which can dry it out and make tangles even worse). The next time you hit the pool or the beach, try one of these simple hairstyles that is perfect for swimming and staving off annoying knots.

1. French Braid

This classic braid will secure your hair from the crown of your head all the way down. No knots here.

2. Double French Braid

Two is better than one. And if you've mastered the reverse French braid, it's a little easier to make tighter braids that won't budge.

3. Fishtail Braid

If you're not too worried about your braid becoming looser, but just want your hair out of your face, the Fishtail is the way to go. Plus, it's so beach-appropriate.

4. Bubble Ponytail

Not ready to give up that pony? Make Jasmine proud by simply securing your ponytail in sections along the length. This will ensure that your strands are not fraternizing too much.

5. Topknot

Although it might seem a little counterintuitive, tight buns can actually do a better job warding off water-induced tangles than braids. Just make sure to throw in a few bobby pins so it's really secure.

6. Braid Bun

For a little flair and added control, try an upside-down braid into a bun. Best of both worlds, right?

Swimming tangles can officially be a thing of the past.

Image: @betterbeblonde/Instagram