Is Brandi Glanville Single? The Reality Star Has More Important Things to Do

Remember how boring Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was this season? Yeah, that was most likely due to Brandi Glanville's glaring absence, Bravo's charmingly unpredictable wildcard who, in retrospect, wasn't properly appreciated during her run. If you, like me, have been suffering from a case of the "Glanville withdrawals," I have some good news: E!'s Famously Single premieres Tuesday, which means fans can finally look forward to seeing the reality star back on the small screen — this time working through her romance problems with seven other single celebrities. Back in 2011, Brandi split with husband Eddie Cibrian, and she has been looking for a mate worthy of her ever since. In fact, her singleton status is part of why Brandi left RHOBH in the first place, something she made clear in a previous interview with Bustle. "I think that the only way I would want to come back is if I had a partner," she shared. "You know, if I was in love and I had somebody by my side to have my back." So, did Famously Single work for the reality star, or is Brandi Glanville still single?

The short answer is yes she is single, but that doesn't mean the reality star didn't connect with a few male suitors in the time since the show. During filming, there were plenty of rumors that Brandi had found love with Famously Single co-star Calum Best, but it looks like that was more of a close friendship than anything else. Post-filming, Brandi told Page Six that Calum was an ideal "confidant" to have on the show, and that he's someone who she continues to "text every day," but no relationship has been confirmed. Then, there was Brandi's off-camera relationship with her Uber driver, who she called "super sweet" in another interview with Page Six, despite his penchant for cigarettes — a habit she doesn't love.

But, that too wasn't meant to be, she revealed in a previous interview with Bustle. "I was dating this guy, this Uber driver guy, but I realized that I can't date an Uber driver," she explained. It "was nice for the time," she insisted, but Brandi has announced that she is back to being single, even after her experience on Famously Single. This isn't necessarily bad news. It's clear the star has got plenty on her plate without a man, and it's obvious Brandi's never been the type to march by the beat of any drum but her own. From the looks of it, she's stayed plenty busy even without a man in the picture — here's what Brandi's been up to while enjoying her single status.

Serving Face, Even In the Morning

Only Brandi could pull off this ensemble before noon. Raise your hand if you'd be down to power brunch with this gal, gowns required.

Spending Time With (Bravolebrity) Friends

There's nothing more satisfying that watching Real Housewives from different cities rub elbows, and seeing these two ex-Bravolebrities girlboss it up makes me all kinds of happy. Brandi and Kristen seem like a match made in reality heaven.

Showing Off Her Inner Gourmet Chef

I have no idea how one would make parmesan crisps, so this seems like some kind of cheesy alchemy I can definitely get behind.

Killing The Entrepreneur Game

Sure, you know about Ramona Singer's Pinot Grigio, but did you know Brandi has a very (fittingly named) wine of her own?

Getting In On The Podcasting Boom

When on the Real Housewives, Brandi never had a shortage of things to say, so the whole podcasting thing seems like it could be right up her alley.

Being The Best Mom In The World

If you know anything about Brandi, it's probably how important her kids are to her, and this adorable purchase is plenty proof of that. My heart!

In short, she might be looking, but Brandi's also got better things to do than date. The self-starter is fiercely independent and has confidence in spades, which means that even if she does find a worthy match, we can be sure she won't slow down for him. And, that's exactly how it should be.

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