He's Not One To Kiss & Sing

Attention Upper East Siders and McKinley High School students, we've got some disappointing news. Glee's set to bring by every old face in existence for some last hurrah performances during its upcoming 100th episode, but one guest star isn't going to be showing off his vocal stylings. Dianna Agron told E! that Chace Crawford will not sing during Glee 's "100", but there will be some kissing. As if that makes us any less disappointed.

FOX previously announced that Crawford would appear as Agron's Quinn Fabray's Yalie jerk boyfriend during the two-part centennial episode. Which obviously sent our imaginations into overdrive about whether or not giving Quinn a boyfriend meant that she'd be back on Glee longterm. We also can't deny that we were excited to see Crawford shed his Gossip Girl Upper East Side cool-guy image by getting a little goofy and joining in on one of those hyped-up, choir room reunion numbers. But, no such luck there, people — instead, we're going to get some "baby kisses," according to Agron because Glee is "not HBO or Showtime."

So why isn't Crawford singing — is he tone deaf or really shy about his hidden karaoke talent? Apparently it's neither. Agron told E!:

He's not singing. Although I'm sure he can…He said that he can't, but I think he can. I've heard him play around a little bit.

What gives, Ryan Murphy — you couldn't just stick him in the background of a group number? You could at least throw the guy a bone, if Quinn and Puck's impending "Just Give Me A Reason" duet means what we think it does. (That the former high school sweethearts might be rekindling their flame.) I guess we can't really complain, but as Glee fans we will anyway. If he can carry a tune, give him a shot, Ryan Murphy.