"Keep Kissing" Photos On Twitter Prove That Always Love Wins

After the recent Orlando attack on the LGBTQ community, HuffPost Queer is asking people to #KeepKissing by sharing photos of themselves kissing someone of the same sex to show that love is stronger than hate. They tweeted: "In light of the horrific tragedy that took place in Orlando yesterday, we want to show the world we stand together unafraid in the face of hate and that we won't be chased back into the shadows."

I think it's amazing. It can be confusing to know how to show your support for the Orlando victims. Donating blood, donating time, and donating money are great ways to reach out the community. But don't underestimate the importance of showing strength in the face of fear. Because there is fear.

So many people in same-sex relationships have experienced the fear of displaying affection in ways other couples take for granted. Kissing, holding hands, hugging— these basic, instinctive shows of love are too often a source of dread, confusion, and even hate. And in the wake of the Orlando shootings, weighed down by sorrow and anger, it can be too easy to give into that fear and to hide in it. Instead of giving into fear, people are coming together by the thousands to show that love wins. I encourage you to join them.

There's still time to #KeepKissing, so take a look at these beautiful people and be inspired:

Images: Fotolia; Twitter