Who Is Calum Best From 'Famously Single'? The U.K. Star Is Used To The Limelight

What if you could watch The Real World, but instead of the general cast of shiny-haired youths, it's eight notoriously single (and sometimes just plain notorious) stars all on the hunt for a healthy relationship? Well, thank the reality television gods, because now you can — with E!'s Famously Single : A show with a cast of eight well-known names from the reality television sphere, including Aubrey O'Day of (the sadly now defunct) Danity Kane, Pauly D. of The Jersey Shore, and Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But, for those of the U.S. set, the name on the cast that might be less familiar is Calum Best, a U.K. import with a fascinating past who will appear on the show after a series of high-profile break-ups. So who is Calum Best from Famously Single?

Unlike many of his fellow cast members, Calum has got a past that goes much, much deeper than his impressive reality resumé and the young star has had to his own battle demons of his own to reach his current level of success. To get you educated for Tuesday's premiere, I've compiled a mini-history of the UK personality — let's get into it.

He's Got A Famous Family


Turns out the reality star comes from a highly pedigreed family — The Daily Mail reports that he's the son of former Playboy model Angie Best and successful UK footballer (read: soccer player) George Best. Beyond explaining where Calum got those fantastic genes from, his family has a rather storied history — one that's known far more across the UK than in the states. His father's alcohol-related death deeply affected Calum after his passing. "When you lose someone, you have to forgive them," Calum explained in an interview this year with the U.K. talk show Loose Women. "I struggle to understand why he couldn't give up drinking but I have forgiven him. I feel bad for him," he lamented. But there's still no love lost between them, he insisted while on the talk show. "I’m his number one fan … I love my dad more than anybody out there."

He Had Party Days Of His Own

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Struck by the loss of his father, Calum has talked about falling into dependencies of his own. "Drinking ruined my health, cost me my career and my reputation," he admitted while on the same Loose Women talk show. "I was drinking for three years. But my mum helped me and put me on a better path," he confessed.

During his those party-focused days, Calum Best famously dated Lindsay Lohan, a partnership he called "combustible" in his book entitled Second Best: My Dad and Me. According to RadarOnline, Best wrote in the book that he wasn't necessarily the poster-child for boyfriends in those days, admitting to "flirt[ing] with other girls" while he was still with Lohan.

He's Got a Reality TV Past

Despite being pretty much constantly in the public eye, Calum began to take back his own fame when he appeared on the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother, a show that apparently gave him the reality TV bug. Luckily, the past few years have been some of the most transformative for Calum, and he revealed just last year on Lorraine Kelly's U.K. talk show that he's, "the best I’ve ever been, my health is good, my heart is good, and that’s why I’m able to sit here and talk about [my past]."

Now, in the lead-up to the premiere of Famously Single, Calum continues his personal growth. But, it wasn't always easy to be on the show — "I still have the demon inside me," the star said on Loose Women, referring to his prior alcohol predilection. "I was filming... Famously Single and I was having to talk to therapists. And I ended up going out and drinking too much. Some of those old things came back." In the end though, Calum Best managed to come out of the process stronger than before. "It was a cool experience because I went for it," Calum said to Digital Spy about shooting the show. "You are always going to have your guard up on television, but I thought I might as well learn from this experience and go all out with the therapist — she got out of me a lot that has never come out before," he continued. That sounds like a very good thing indeed.

So what's Calum been doing since filming has wrapped?

He's Gotten Seriously Into Style

This guy can wear the heck out of a suit.

He's Formed A Friendship With A Famously Single Cast Member

This Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum and Calum have been spending lots of time together, even though Brandi insisted she was still single, in a previous interview with Bustle.

He's Devoted Himself To Health

Personal fitness and well-being looks like it's number one in Calum's life right now. (And, he looks like he's doing the "Best" job at it. Sorry, I couldn't help it.)

It definitely will be exciting to see Calum Best continue his personal journey on Famously Single — and I especially can't wait to see his bromance with Pauly D — that sounds almost too good to be true.

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