The 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 5 Premiere Is A Long Ways Off, So Watch These Other Shows First

The entire fourth season of Orange is the New Black hitting Netflix on Friday, June 17, so it’s pretty obvious what we are all doing this weekend. With so much buzz surrounding the new season, fans might be curious if the ladies of Litchfield’s time will be up soon? When is Orange is the New Black Season 5? UPDATE: During a Netflix event, it was announced that OITNB Season 5 will premiere June 9, 2017.

Earlier: It looks like the women of Orange is the New Black won't complete their sentences just yet. In fact, they aren’t serving one more year — but three! That’s right, according to a February 2016 announcement in Entertainment Weekly, Orange is the New Black has been renewed for Seasons 5, 6, and 7! That’s three more years in Litchfield penitentiary. So, when can we expect Season 5? While a release date has not been announced yet, Orange is the New Black has had a pretty predictable Netflix schedule, with a new season hitting the platform every June (with the exception of the first season premiering in July). So, before inhaling the fourth season this weekend, take comfort in knowing that more episodes are coming, though you will experience the unique grief of having just marathoned a show and having to wait a whole year for new episodes.

So, what are you going to do with all that time? Take up a hobby? Write the great American novel? Maybe. But, you’ll probably marathon a few other shows. If you're looking for a new series to fill the void after finishing Orange is the New Black Season 4, I'm here to help. Here are nine shows to watch if you love Orange is the New Black.

1. Weeds

superchomeur on YouTube

Weeds is OITNB creator Jenji Kohan’s first born. Like OITNB, the show features a fish-out-of-water character entering a new world that will make her question laws and morality. There is also a twinkling of Litchfield in Kohan’s eyes on Weeds. The full series is on Netflix.

2. Wentworth

Basically, Australia’s OITNB. The series focuses on a woman entering prison and the women she meets there. The show’s fourth season is currently airing in Australia, but you can watch Seasons 1-3 on Netflix.

3. The L Word

Eisley12 on YouTube

A predecessor to OITNB, The L Word broke barriers in exploring women’s sexuality and lesbianism on TV. All six seasons are streaming on Netflix.

4. Call the Midwife

BBC on YouTube

When I recommended OITNB to Call the Midwife fans in a previous Bustle article, I explained the two seemingly different shows actually share a lot of feminist themes as both shows “tackle issues about women’s health, race, class, women living and working together, sexuality, morality, and social issues relevant for the setting.” Seasons 1-4 are available on Netflix.

5. United States of Tara


A complicated woman is trying to find balance in a world where she is dealing with complicated personalities. Sounds like OITNB so far, right? The catch is that she has multiple personality disorder, so she and these other characters share a body. Also, watch the series for the awesome cast including Toni Colette and a young Brie Larson! The full series is on Netflix.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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OK, kind of a stretch. But, this Netflix original series humorously depicts a strong female character exploring freedom while overcoming her past.

7. Gilmore Girls

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It may feel like another jump, but Jenji Kohan actually wrote for the witty, female driven show. While OITNB explores female friendship and sexual relationships, Gilmore Girls delves into a woman’s family relationships. The series is available on Netflix with *girlish squeal* a new season hitting the platform possibly this year!

8. Transparent

Guia del Ocio on YouTube

This Amazon Prime original series explores womanhood in a groundbreaking way, much like OITNB.

9. Orphan Black

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You know you have accidentally used the titles Orphan Black and Orange is the New Black interchangeably — or at least you might now. While Orphan Black is basically a sci-fi thriller, the intelligent twists and strong female characters (all played by the amazing Tatiana Maslany) will appeal to an OITNB fan. Seasons 1-3 are available on Amazon Prime.

So, after marathoning OITNB Season 4, give these other shows a shot while you wait for next summer.

Images: JoJo Whilden/Netflix