Woman Tints Her Eyebrows Before Her C-Section, Becomes #LaborGoals

Childbirth is a complicated event, made even more complicated by books and articles telling new parents what to expect and what to do — and, of course, what not to do. With so many rules to keep track off, it's wonderful to see a woman have fun through it all. Molly Hardwood is a now a mother of two and will be forever known on the internet as the woman who tinted her eyebrows before her C-section. Her lively and sweet photos online showed a confident soon-to-be mother of two enjoying herself and making the best out of a (let's face it) fairly unpleasant situation.

You see, Mollie's C-section kept being pushed back by emergencies in the hospital she was staying at. After wandering around to keep herself entertained, Mollie stumbled upon a beauty salon. Instead of denying herself the experience, she enlisted the help of a beauty salon employee and went to town! From the looks of it, her eyebrows were on fleek the entire delivery and even afterwards.

I think it's so wonderful that she was able to feel radiant and confident before welcoming her second child into the world. With so many things being handled by doctors and nature, it's nice that she found some personal control in the affair. I personally want to look fierce AF before my baby comes into the world. My child will know that his or her mother looks great and was totally camera ready since the moment he/she popped their heads out. But regardless of her killer brows, Mollie Hardwood is a badass who we can all learn a thing or two from about being a mother.

In the above video Mollie explains her photo that blew up the internet. As a makeup artist and online aficionado, beauty tips are in Mollie's wheelhouse of talents. With the birth of her child coming up she forgot to tint her eyebrows before going to the hospital. It worked out perfectly because it gave her something to do while she waited around to start her procedure. The video is light and fun, and explains a lot!

Unfortunately, the C-section didn't happen until the next day, but lucky for Mollie her supporting and very handsome husband was right there with her. While she was tinting her eyebrows he started to rip his out of frustration. Movies and television will have us believe that childbirth is a one-two punch and you have a baby. In reality, as proven by the Hardwoods, it's a lengthy process that often means having to entertain yourself for a long time.

But, as with anything that takes a long time, Mollie was rewarded for her patience. Her little bundle of joy arrived and is happy and healthy. Mollie's brow legacy will carry on!

Images: Pixabay, Facebook