Will Pornstache Be In 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 4? Pablo Schreiber Needs To Return

I think we can all agree that Orange Is the New Black Season 4 is already gearing up to be another epic success. Between the new inmates and darker feel from the trailer, Season 4 could very well be the most unforgettable season yet. But if this show really wants to up the ante and give fans something extra to get excited for, then I have a suggestion: bring Pornstache back in Orange is the New Black Season 4. This character is a hilarious member of the Litchfield team and deserves more screen time than the pitiful cameo he had in Season 3, Episode 10. (And considering he didn't even have his mustache anymore, I'm not so sure it even counts.) Clearly, this is a terrible oversight in judgement that needs to be rectified ASAP. But is that even possible? Could George "Pornstache" Mendez be in OITNB Season 4? Sadly, the prospect looks even bleaker than before.

Despite how small and short lived Pablo Schreiber's cameo was back in Season 3, his storyline still served a significant purpose, given that his mother, Delia, came to visit and informed him that he didn't actually get Daya pregnant after all. So it's hard to say where his character would go from here that would still make sense within the series. I highly doubt he could go back to working at Litchfield if he were to get released from prison. Whether he got Daya pregnant or not, having sex with an inmate is still highly forbidden, so what means would he have to appear? As a visitor maybe, but the options seem more limited this time around.


It's also worth noting that he isn't featured at all in the Season 4 trailer, which doesn't bode well for him making any sort of appearance. Granted, the writers may be trying to make his storyline a surprise, but the odds of that being the case feel more unlikely this time around, especially since there are already so many characters this season due to Litchfield becoming a "for profit" prison. So there may just be no room for him in the story arc this year.

Also, much like Matt McGorry (who plays John Bennett), Schreiber is noticeably absent from the Season 4 cast roster, according to Screencrush. So that in itself is definitely not a great indicator. And when you combine that with the fact that the actor's IMBD page doesn't have any new episodes of Orange Is the New Black listed under his credits, the odds of him showing up seem futile at best. Granted, Schreiber denied having any involvement in Season 3 last year, telling The New York Post that he wouldn't be "taking part in the third season," but said "beyond that is open."


Clearly, he ended up appearing in Season 3 anyway, so maybe the fact that he hasn't outright denied being in Season 4 and seemed genuinely open to the idea means that he'll have a bigger part to play this time around. (*fingers crossed*) I guess we'll just have to wait until Friday to know for sure.

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