Will Pornstache Be In 'Orange Is The New Black' Season 4? We Might Get George Mendez Back In Our Lives Full Time

Did you feel like something was missing during Orange Is The New Black Season 3? No, I'm not talking about Larry; don't let him come back, please. I'm talking about Pablo Schreiber's character George "Pornstache" Mendez. Please let him come back, please. While we did [spoilers for episode 10] meet up with him quickly in prison (AND WITHOUT THE MUSTACHE), it wasn't nearly enough screen time for someone we love to hate. So, OTINB powers that be, and Netflix gods, here's a big question for you: Will Pornstache be in Season 4? (Please say yes.)

Pornstache played a big role in Season 1 of the show, seeing as how he fell in love with Daya, and then assumed that he got her pregnant (but we know that baby is not his). Season 2 saw him carried away to his own version of Litchfield, since it's frowned upon to sleep with inmates in prison and consequently get them pregnant. Season 3 saw him return briefly, when his mom, Delia — played perfectly by Mary Steenburgen — visited him in prison to talk about his future with Daya and their baby.

Except, as Delia explained, that the baby is not, in fact, his. So, technically speaking, Pornstache could conceivably be let out of jail, since he's in there for a crime he didn't really commit. OK, yes, sleeping with an inmate is a crime, but he did not get her pregnant and that's why he's really in jail. For Caputo, it was all about that proof.

So, is there ever hope for a grand Pornstache return?

Right now, it's neither a solid yes nor a firm no. And, even if the answer turns out to be a "no," let's all remember that it was once a "no" for Pornstache in season 3. Schreiber told The New York Post way before Season 3 that he wouldn't be "taking part in the third season."

Oh oh oh, look who turned up anyway?

He went on to explain his reason for bowing out of Season 3, citing that he was never a series regular anyway, and an opportunity for a role in The Brink (currently airing on HBO) came up. He jumped at the chance, noting that, "while Season 3 is out of the picture, beyond that is open.”

That sounds like good news to me! Plus, Schreiber loves Jenji Kohan, saying, "I would go anywhere that she's working, and I know that our paths will cross again soon, whether it’s on Orange or on a future project.”

So, even though it's too soon to know if Pornstache will be back to cause trouble, the important part is that Schreiber is game, and fans are too.

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