Can You Hire Jozea Flores To Do Your Makeup? He's Probably Booked For The Next Few Months, Now

The list of new cast members for Season 18 of Big Brother are all lined up and ready to go for the June 22 premiere. However, aside from weighing the pros and cons of each new face in the bunch, I'm also finding myself more and more curious about the number of different occupations that each of the contestants are bringing to the table. And if I were to want to become BFFs with any of them, it would have to be 25-year-old Jozea Flores. Why? Because he's the make-up artist we all wish we had living in our house with us when we first wake up in the morning. However, his expertise goes way beyond just being able to do makeovers for his roommates. He has a successful career as a make-up artist — and you can technically hire Jozea Flores to do your make-up for your next event. Technically being the key word.

According to CBS' brief interview with the show's latest contestant, Flores lives in Los Angeles, California and clearly takes pride in his work in such a large market. This is, of course, based on his description of himself, which includes the words, "creative strategist, and a visual genius." However, when you look further into the contestant's personal online presence, it seems as if being on Big Brother may be changing around his business quite a bit. With an Instagram accounts listed that could possibly be his — the private @jozea90 account and the since-deleted Jozea Flores Facebook — contacting him seems a difficult task. Either way, he'll be busy for the next few months in the Big Brother house, so he probably won't be available for make-up artist duties anyway!

Vision Network, Inc. on YouTube

But, before you get too upset, just know that the odds of actually having Jozea Flores do your make-up were, in fact, slim in the first place. Because he's not just any make-up artist: According to a video he did in December 2015 with Vision Network, Inc., Flores is in fact a celebrity make-up artist. And, well, from the looks of his work in the video above you can see just how talented he is. For the fellow members of the Big Brother house, he may be using his make-up skills on them to bond and get in on his competition. And as for all of us? Well, we're just going to have to wait and see where his career goes when he's finished with the show. Because as for right now, he's booked until Big Brother 18 ends in September.

Big Brother 18 premieres on CBS at 8 p.m. EST June 22.

Images: Monty Brinton/CBS