What Baseball Team Does Corey Brooks Coach? The 'Big Brother 18' Houseguest Is Pretty Famous

As a fan of Big Brother, I know that nothing can satisfy the curiosity of the viewers before those live feeds come on. So I know I'm not the only one wondering what baseball team Corey Brooks coaches. Brooks is among the numerous houseguests in the Big Brother 18 cast, and he lists his occupation in his official CBS bio as "baseball coach." For those whose curiosity is as impossible to satisfy as my own — which is all of you, considering this is a show which places cameras on its contestants 24/7 and allows viewers to watch them all the time — I'm more than happy to clear up the mystery. As it turns out, Brooks is the Manager and Head Coach of the Dallas Mustangs.

According to his LinkedIn page,

The Dallas Mustangs organization is one of the top select baseball organizations in the nation and is for kids and families who are committed physically, mentally, and financially and want to pursue a collegiate or professional career playing baseball.

Among Brooks' listed responsibilities is managing three "14U AAA level teams" and organizing team events like "running the Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell Run." It's a job that he's been holding since June 2013, so you have to assume that, after three years, he's pretty much the best at it. On top of that, according to the Pride Baseball Academy website, Brooks is a professional instructor there. His hobbies include "sports" and "traveling and fishing" and whose areas of instruction include "pitching" and "hitting." Which makes sense, considering he's a former Texas A&M pitcher — further reinforcing the idea that he's the new Clay Honeycutt, who also went to Texas A&M.

And there you have it. Whether or not his skills on the field will translate to a skill in the Big Brother house is for all of us to judge when Season 18 starts on June 22, but, for now, at least we know that Brooks can totally back up his CBS bio with the credentials in question.

Images: CBS