Prince William's Historic 'Attitude' Cover & Call To End LGBT Bullying Is Even More Important In Light Of Orlando

It is a move that could not be more timely: Prince William is making history as the first royal to appear on the cover of an LGBT magazine, a fact made even more significant in light of the Orlando massacre. In the issue of Attitude magazine, which went to print before a gunman opened fire and killed 49 people in Pulse nightclub over the weekend, Prince William passionately calls to end LGBT bullying and offers words of inspiration to those who are made to feel less than due to their sexual or gender orientation.

"No one should be bullied for their sexuality or any other reason and no one should have to put up with the kind of hate that these young people have endured in their lives," William declared. "The young gay, lesbian and transgender individuals I met through Attitude are truly brave to speak out and to give hope to people who are going through terrible bullying right now. Their sense of strength and optimism should give us all encouragement to stand up to bullying wherever we see it."

His words rang true before the shooting in Orlando — what is now the deadliest mass shooting in America — but there is no doubt that they are even more poignant and relevant in the aftermath of such tragedy. "The kind of hate that these young people have endured in their lives" is all too relevant today.

William said there is no room for tolerance when it comes to bullying. The Duke of Cambridge advised that the young person being bullied seek help and talk to a trusted adult or inclusive organization.

"What I would say to any young person reading this who’s being bullied for their sexuality: don’t put up with it – speak to a trusted adult, a friend, a teacher, Childline, Diana Award or some other service and get the help you need," William continued. "You should be proud of the person you are and you have nothing to be ashamed of."

Prince William's words are all too relevant in the wake of the Orlando massacre, a blatant attack on the LGBT community. By speaking up about being bullied, not only will an LGBT person receive the support they need, but they will call out the type of people who perpetuate this hatred — people who can then receive the help that they so desperately need in order to be a decent, tolerant human being.

Between his historic presence on the cover, his strong support of the LGBT community, and the all-too-timely call-to-action to end LGBT bullying, Prince William's Attitude interview is a must-read. For everyone.

Image: Attitude