Meet The Girl Born For The Red Carpet

I considered myself a pretty stylish little kid. After all, I was certainly the only 1st grader I knew who would dare come to school in a crop top and a studded denim jacket. But there is a little girl on Instagram who puts young me to shame. Four-year-old 'Mayhem' and her mother, Angie, create elaborate gowns out of paper and post them to Instagram under the handle @2sisters_angie. And they are amazing.

When Mayhem (presumably a nickname), grew tired of her standard dress-up fare, "the pair started using construction paper, gift wrapping, and tin foil to create new outfits of their own." That was several months ago, and now Mayhem has the most epic dress-up wardrobe of all time, complete with copies of Red Carpet gowns and runway creations.

What makes the project so exciting is the fact that Mayhem gets involved in the construction of the dresses. This is not just a vanity project for her mother, but a learning experience for Mayhem. So exactly how much work does Mayhem put in? According to Angie's interview with HuffPo, more than you might imagine:

The ideas are pretty much a 50/50 split, but Mayhem constructs a lot more than most people would probably believe. That's one of the best things about this project, I see her learning new skills every single day. At this point, she knows exactly how many sheets of construction paper she needs to make herself a top and a bottom. She can lay the entire thing out and tape it together all by herself. Definitely, the more complex designs have more of my time invested, but she's literally always beside me learning something new if she's not tearing or taping or gluing while I am.

Mayhem gathers inspiration everywhere, from the aquarium to the Red Carpet. Though she's never seen an episode of Project Runway, the pair will look at pictures of the dresses from the show online. "I did show her a clip one time explaining that there is a show all about making dresses and I thought she might hyperventilate," Angie told HuffPo.

A quick scroll through the @2sisters_angie Instagram feed reveals that Mayhem is quite the talented little model. Who knows, maybe this will develop into a lifelong passion? Mayhem could grow up to be the next tween superstar of the fashion world! We can't wear a Mayhem original just yet, but we'll continue to take great pleasure in seeing the dresses online.

Images: 2sisters_angie/Instagram