Woman Has A Save-The-Date Shoot With Her Medical Degree, And They Are Quite The Handsome Pair

Who said save-the-dates have to be reserved for weddings? One reddit user decided that she wasn’t going to wait around for a wedding to celebrate the big things happening in her life. Instead, the woman made a save-the-date for her medical degree, complete with a hilarious parody of typical engagement photo shoots. Who needs a fiancé when you have a diploma to keep you company?

Redditor DrOttoDO, also known as Megan, posted her save-the-date last week with the caption, “Not getting married anytime soon, so I sent this Save the Date out instead.” The image tells loved ones to mark their calendars for May 20, 2017, the glorious day when “Megan will go from Ms. to Dr. as she is united in love with her Medical degree.” In classic save-the-date fashion, the card features photos of the happy couple — but there are no saccharine images of Megan and a (human) fiancé staring soulfully into each other’s eyes here. Instead, this soon-to-be Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine poses joyfully with her future degree and gazes lovingly at her approaching graduation date.

Because this is the internet, some redditors didn’t like the save-the-date, with one user describing it as a “humblebrag.” But Megan defended her right to show pride in her achievements, writing of her degree,

It's a big accomplishment and I can be proud of it I think. People send out wedding save the dates all the time because they're excited about something in their lives. Because my excitement stems from getting a professional degree instead of marriage to a person, I can't celebrate publicly? Plus, it's meant to be a light-hearted joke in the first place (I mean seriously, I'm smiling at and kissing a picture frame on a Walmart save the date template....this is not meant to be serious.)

Not everyone was so disapproving. One commenter wrote, “I used to love responding to people who asked why I was single "I'm sorry I was so focused on my GODD*MN LAW DEGREE.” Another added, “I always thought the wedding ‘save the date’ announcements were obnoxious and self-centered. I love your parody on this! Congratulations!!!” And another was short and sweet: “Genius!”

Images: Aleksandra85foto/Pixabay