'Pretty Little Liars' Season 7 Spoilers From Janel Parrish & Shay Mitchell Tease Major Trouble Ahead

There's one question on Pretty Little Liars fans minds going into the Season 7 premiere: will the Liars be able to save Hanna from A.D.'s clutches? Hanna putting herself up as bait for A seemed like a great plan — err, great-ish — but given the Liars' track record of always being one step behind A, it could be the biggest mistake of their lives. Though most fans would assume that the show wouldn't dare kill off one of the main four Liars, the fact that Hanna is not on the Season 7 poster is enough to make us freak out about her fate. I hope this isn't the end for Hanna, but after getting Pretty Little Liars Season 7 spoilers straight from stars Shay Mitchell and Janel Parrish, I'm more on edge than ever.

I sat down with both Mitchell and Parrish on the Pretty Little Liars set to discuss all things Season 7 and was able to get some spoilers about the premiere — in emoji form. When I ask Mitchell what to expect from "Tick-Tock, B*tches," she teases, "we're going to see the girls make... the biggest mistake." The promos for Season 7 suggest that the mistake could be murderous in nature, and though we'll have to wait and find out just what it is, Mitchell's choice of emojis certainly make me nervous:

I'm particularly interested in the screaming and heartbreak emojis. Could they suggest that the Liars are heartbroken because Hanna was kidnapped or — gulp — found murdered? The thumbs up and blonde girl emoji could hint that Hanna is OK, but they might actually be referring to Alison. My personal theory? That Mitchell is hinting with the thumbs-up emoji that Charlotte (another possibility for the blonde girl emoji) is totally fine, because she faked her own death.

Parrish's emoji spoilers resemble Mitchell's, but they paint an even grimmer picture for the Liars:

The scream and heartbreak emoji match up to Mitchell's spoilers, but what the heck is that skull doing there? I don't know about you, but any time I see a skull in association with Pretty Little Liars, I assume the worst. Hanna might not be dead, but this could very well hint that someone else is — perhaps at the hands of the Liars. The monkey emojis are definitely a question mark, though they could suggest that the Liars are pretending that they know nothing about their big "mistake" and lying to cover it up. As for the purple devil emoji, I'm betting that's Parrish's way of saying that Uber A will still be waiting in the wings.

We'll have to wait until Pretty Little Liars Season 7 premieres on Freeform Tuesday night at 8 p.m. to find out how these emojis will come into play, but let's hope we won't be using the heartbreak emoji in our own texts after watching it.

Images: Freeform; Kaitlin Reilly/Bustle (2)